April 03, 2015

Rude boycott

This week:

Many people who called for a boycott of Indiana were also kind of mean toward the people who live there. A quote from my dear friend Katie Blair that didn't make it into the article: "If St. Vincent pulls out of her show I'm gonna lose my goddamn mind." You hear that, St. Vincent? Show up in Indianapolis. Do it for Katie, who is a national treasure.

I also made a flow-chart about personal stagnation. And I talked to the friendly folks at NewsCred about this very newsletter and why I started it.

I'm reading:

The survivors of the Kenya college attack speak. Against chill. The paradox of the necktie. The prosperity gospel of Rihanna. The rise of monogamish relationships. Getting it on and feeling isolated in the digital era. The Victorian origins of "personal brand." The oldest company in the world. How Utah is fighting homelessness. College grads collectively refuse to pay back student loans. YES to more classic hip-hop radio. An all-electric '68 Mustang. A gripping spy story. When ultra-healthy eating is a disorder. Why don't foodies care about who picked their food? You should tip on takeout. The country's first LGBTQ gym. The ghost of Grindr. In exile from Planet Menses. Bankrupt companies want to sell off your data. The un-quantifiable self. What data can't show about happiness, unless it's 7 p.mHaving a heart, being alive. PauseEat, pray, roll.


Jumping dadsFuzzy bunnies. Basic biology is too real for Instagram.


You guys, I am taking the California Driver's License written test today after four years of living in the state. (Whoops.) I need you to 1) marvel at my procrastination skills and 2) send me good vibes for remembering the difference between "braking distance" and "perception distance."

I endorse:

"In a Dream," the new album by my pals Bouquet. Give it a listen if you, like me, are feeling stressed. Also, there are videos.

Live! In person:

April 18, Los Angeles: I'm moderating an all-star panel (featuring Mallory Ortberg, Issa Rae, and Pamela Ribon!) at the LA Times Festival of Books. I'm reading all of their books in preparation. 


"Best thing you can do this #weekend: subscribe to @annfriedman's weekly newsletter. You're welcome." -Rafaela Mota Lemos. Actually, the best thing you can probably do is sleep in and then make yourself a delicious breakfast. But this newsletter is good, too.

"*anxiously refreshes her inbox & tries to recall weekends w/o the newsletter-link-@Pocket frenzy* you've created an addiction, @annfriedman" -Kathleen. You can quit at any time, I swear.

"I'm really into @annfriedman's newsletter. As I'm coolin' it on twitter for a bit, it helps with my FOMO" -Sara Schaefer. This newsletter is shared FOMO-- you can be sure you're missing all the same things I am.

"Thank god for the @annfriedman newsletter or else I'd never know what day of the week it is. Except when I read it on Monday." -some guy, who apparently has a very laid-back lifestyle.


Last week I mis-linked to this interview with comedian Aparna Nancherla and misspelled her name. Ugh, sorry 'bout that. And a clarification: I don't hate New York. It's ok. Everybody take several deep breaths.
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