May 24, 2013

Sexy congresswoman secrets!

America’s Most Colorful Congresswoman: Kyrsten Sinema - ELLE

She’s a liberal, atheist, bisexual politician from Arizona who grew up homeless and now has three advanced degrees and, at age 36, is one of the youngest members of Congress. It was such a privilege to profile her. This woman is going places.

Also! Buy the June issue of ELLE if you want to read this article in print and see my grinning face on the contributors’ page. Look for the cover featuring a pantless Kerry Washington and the words ‘SEXY HAIR SECRETS.’ (I cannot understand why the editors didn’t choose to tease my article with the cover line “SEXY CONGRESSWOMAN SECRETS”. #missedopportunity) I am carrying a copy of this issue around with me everywhere and showing it off like it’s a picture of my first-born grandchild anyway.

Too Much or Too Little: DSM-V’s Gray Area on Sex -

Is sex addiction a real thing? In the course of reporting this article I lost several hours of my life watching Russell Brand stand-up clips for relevant quotes about his sexual proclivities. I regret nothing.

Pie chart: What have we been meaning to do forever? - The Hairpin

For real on that IUD slice. As much as you may want one, the timing never seems quite right to get a piece of copper embedded in your uterus.

The weekly grind - Columbia Journalism Review

Sometimes you have no idea what to write your column about and your editor suggests you write about how it’s hard to come up with ideas every week. Convenient. Thank you, Sang Ngo.

I'm reading:

A love letter to Tumblr, and how Yahoo killed Flickr. The growth of suburban poverty and reality of hard-working millennials. Deep thoughts on animated GIFs and ‘gramming your food and Frankenstein and Beyonce. The meaning of white. The quest to give male models an identity, “so they’re not just a piece of meat.” Bret Easton Ellis on gay self-patronization. Josh Barro, the loneliest Republican. In praise of attention whores. How Colorado and Washington state are preparing for legal weed, and why dealers are moving east. An ode to the cherry clafoutis. Agricultural collapse and the Great Plains. A simple guide to storytelling. And I know better, but I kind of love the idea of Andy Kaufman being alive in Albuquerque.

Spirit animal:

Firing on all cylinders this week.

I endorse:

Orange lipstick for summer. Not red-orange. Orange-orange. I had a real moment with the tangerine lip in summer 2k9, and I’m bringing it back. My preferred brand at the moment is Make Up Forever in satin bright orange, and the eminently stylish Phoebe Connelly recommends Revlon’s orange flip. I fully recognize it’s absurd that I buy organic yogurt and farmer’s market kale then smear these chemicals on my mouth. But they’re so pretty!


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