August 14, 2015

Slow your troll

This week:

What Trump can teach us about internet trolls. You can't fact-check a bigot. And on the podcast, Amina and I discuss the GOP debate, Planned Parenthood, and free bleedin'.

I'm reading:

New Orleans, 10 years later. The ISIS theology of rape. Anger as self-preservation, and parenting while black. Dressing up as a political act. Fashion, from the inside. Weight Watchers and the end of dieting. A secret gay commune. Cool networking tips. Stop stealing from strippers. What it means to be mixed race during the fight for black lives. Surviving punk to find afro-punk. Serena! Navigating sexuality as a female comedian. Why can't leading ladies end up single sometimes? Who, exactly, are successful women supposed to date? Fictionalized royals. Surviving a failed pregnancy. Women aren't afraid to say, "I had an abortion at Planned Parenthood." So why are scientists scared to speak up? Alternative medicine vs. science. Why there's no such thing as free public education anymore. A mother's mental illnessElena Ferrante on anonymity. A life without gender. I love this big yogi. The end of the bee-pocalypse. Is there a "right" way to die? Writing your own obit, both intentionally and unintentionallyExquisite corpses and dying flâneurs.

Pie chart:

The Sad-Shame Pie.
Full pie archive (aka "the pie case") is here.


Known pentagons. On numbers and dating. Vintage pantyhose ads. A comic essay on facing depression. The hidden world of queer China. Obama's vacation playlistAfterpartying with Tink and protesting with Janelle Monae.


I am outraged that someone sullied Grace Jones by stylizing Trump in her image, yet I can't stop staring at this. [On a related note, I am seeing Grace this weekend!!] 

Also, someone pointed out that last week's GIF was similar to "The Great Flydini." Thank you.

I endorse:

This Call Your Girlfriend tote, made by my good friend Kenesha Sneed. I know you don't need another tote bag, but just look at these sassy ladies. I love that gal sitting on the G. (Proceeds benefit the podcast, which has no advertising, and Kenesha, who designed our logos for no charge even though she is too talented to be working for free.)


"the weenie-chug helping me read the @annfriedman weekly" [includes visual] -Meg. Everything about this is ridiculous.

"audibly whispering "yes" out loud in my office when the @annfriedman newsletter hits my inbox." -Hannah Caruso. Audible-yes-whisper internet is the best internet.

"But seriously, subscribing to @annfriedman's newsletter was the best decision I've made in a long time. -Jasmin Hudacsek. I can only assume the second-best decision was to eat a second bagel for breakfast, or maybe to take a midday desk nap.

"Thanks to @annfriedman's newsletter, I have 15 tabs open and no desire to do any work for the rest of this Friday. Sorry boss." -Alisha. Self-employed insight: When you're your own boss, you can constantly disappoint *yourself* with your lack of motivation! [see previous bagel/nap comments]

"oh my god, getting @annfriedman's newsletter is like a big punch in the forehead. in a good, educational sort of way." -Emma Gannon. I am trying to embrace this as a testimonial but I only see a warning to potential subscribers.

This newsletter's hair defies the laws of physics.
Comb it forward.

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