January 30, 2015

Smells like teen spirit

Episode 18: Hi, Haters - Call Your Girlfriend
On the podcast, we talk about men in jeggings, women playing through the pain, babies named Nutella, and what happens when you confront a troll. We use the word "computerus."

Plus a little note about the high-rolling world of feminist media.

I'm reading:

Michelle Tea's new memoirPublic radio voice. How to make transnational adoption better. Five moments in the life of a black mother. Dissent isn't suffocation. Against the upper-middle-class. Tech bros are tripping. Questioning "maker culture." And coffee cultureRedesigning feminism. Absolute PowerPoint. I'm really happy I don't eat chicken. The graveyard shift on Instagram. Being black at Sundance. The smell of rain and the mystery of consciousness. The story of an agender teenager who was set on fire on a city bus, and the teenager who flicked the lighter. A heartbreaking series on heroin addiction. The Egyptian revolution that wasn't. Rereading Bill Cosby's old writing on relationships. How Leslie Knope does motherhood. Male pattern baldness anxiety. People hate happy fat people. "I no longer know maturity." Getting real about the partner-subsidized freelance life. I can't wait to be 40.


Lindy West confront her worst troll. My core lady Lara talks about photographing the "spook light" in the Ozarks. Solid new jam from Bouquet. An interview with Carles. I can't believe I haven't seen the new J.Lo movie yet.


Ughhhh (that's a good "ugh") I saw Patti Smith last night. She wore a blazer. She rasped and wailed and shimmied. She spit. She humped her guitarist Lenny Kaye. She got the entire audience to howl like dogs. She played her hits and covered "Smells Like Teen Spirit," which means I can now say I've seen a 68-year-old woman scream "My libido!" over and over. IT WAS GLORIOUS.

Related: If you haven't seen it, I love her advice to the young.

I endorse:

New ways of teaching teenage dudes about healthy relationships. Like this comic book project.


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