July 10, 2015

Sorry, but I've got a few questions?

This week:

Can we, like, stop policing the way women talk? Who says funny, beautiful women are hard to find? Also, can we start believing all sexual assault survivors, even those who don't remember every detail?

I'm reading:

On Immunity. Ta-Nehisi Coates's letter to his son. Coping while black. The last true hermit. Life on Skid Row. The dystopian aftermath of a temporarily dark stock exchange. The sad lives of climate scientists. Why Spotify should allow you to tip musicians. Reading War and Peace on an iPhone. Inside the drama at Reddit. Texting with teenage white supremacists and telling teenage 9/11 jokes. The women who keep ISIS running. How vanilla became white. A horrible story about the history of the Runaways. Making sense of rape as a TV plot point. Cosby, annotated. On Tove Jansson's Moomin. Uber proves we need a new category of worker. How to give away a home in Flint, Michigan. The inequality and injustice of marijuana laws. "I will not tell girls not to walk alone." The swan as a metaphor for love. Dickonomics. Keep corporate Twitter weird. The forgotten man behind "The Red Wheelbarrow." Reflection on an unfinished life. The myth of L.A. as a creative paradise. This one goes out to Art Laboe.


What happened, Miss Simone? White peopleDiane Von Furstenberg at the NYPL. A documentary on Jean-Paul Goude. Italian cowboys.



I endorse:

Radio Women, or what it looks like when we make our voices heard.


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"The only real accurate way of measuring a busy week is whether or not you finished a @annfriedman newsletter before you got the next one." -some guy. You know you're super busy when you just scroll down to check out the GIF and then delete.

".@annfriedman's newsletter arrives whilst I'm stuck in an elevator. Feeling a little more safe." -Sarah Mayhan. Shout out to my captive audience! I know I can count on you guys to read the whole thing.

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