September 18, 2015

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This week:

A lesson in how women's histories are politicized—and depoliticized—in America, courtesy of the GOP candidates. Also, we all have strong women in our families. That is cool, but it does not make us special. 

I'm reading:

To be Other in America. The destructive myth of black criminality and Ta-Nehisi Coates on unfreedom. Growing up brown and nerdy in the South. A psychiatrist on the 9/11 lies her patients told. The people who sheltered a future mass-murderer. When parents' grief goes viral. Rebecca Solnit on the mother of all questions. The full Mickey. The internet after ad-blocking. Rose gold and semi-illegal foodsEmail is for lovers, data is for weight-loss (well, not really), and the LA River is not for cycling. On rage. A letter from an abortion provider in training. Disappearing Egyptian activists, and missing indigenous women and girls. There's only one political dynasty in America. What's up with those Spotify cover songs. How a black man from Missouri became the Indian LiberaceTiger Beat at 50. Alzheimer's at 38. Outlaw women priests and a Q&A with Jane Smiley. The confessional essay boom, and its economics. The most misread poem in America. Why pronouns matter. The looming black hole collisionPeriods in spaaaaaace! ::middle-finger emoji::


Connie Britton's hair secret. A natural pocket. On masculinity. How to stop devaluing women in 12 easy steps (targeted at the music industry, but widely applicable).


Due to scheduling coincidences beyond my control, today is the third day in a row I have consumed margaritas. In honor of my blood sugar levels, please enjoy this gif of modern witches using their occult skills to blend the perfect bev. (Courtesy of the classic film Practical Magic. Practical, indeed.)

I endorse:

Planned Parenthood. It's a good time to make a little donation, because today the U.S. House of Representatives voted to defund one of the primary providers of women's health care in America. This probably won't take effect, but it's part of a broader effort to dismantle Planned Parenthood, which doesn't even use federal funding to underwrite its abortion services. A study by the Guttmacher Institute (at the request of the Congressional Budget Office) found that PPFA is critical to women's health in many places in America. In 103 counties, Planned Parenthood is the only provider of family-planning services. Which means that if you're attacking its existing federal funding, you aren't ending abortion—you're increasing the likelihood that women will need one. Because you're cutting off rural women's access to contraception and health services. The future is Louisiana. And with all these efforts to prevent women from controlling their own fertility, we don't even give them time off work once they have a baby.

I sent 1 million typo-riddled tweets about this today because I am so angry. (Could also be related to the aforementioned blood-sugar spike.)

On a slightly more upbeat and not-unrelated note, enjoy this ridiculous photo of the pope


Sunday, Sept 20: I'm at LA Podfest hanging out with the Dinner Party Download crew and comedian Paul Scheer. Get tickets here. This is going to be really fun.

Monday, Sept 28: I'll be doing a live chat for ProductHunt. Sign up here to ask me anything.


 "@annfriedman to the rescue ✉️💕" -Anna M. Paxton. Picture me in a cape.

"**scrambles to finish last week's @annfriedman newsletter before the new one finds my inbox**" -some guy. It's good to have deadlines.

"feelin like goddamn wonderwoman while unsubscribing from a bajillion junk emails&making room for all i really want: @annfriedman's newsletter" -Kathleen. Yesss, wonderwoman! Let's all wear capes.

"I actually have a friend who got into a minor car accident when she was reading it in LA traffic." -Alex Ronan. This strong testimonial is also troubling. Stay safe out there, kids.

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