December 13, 2013

Stand tall and get that cash

Why You Should Date Taller Women (And Women Should Date Shorter Men) - Esquire

The essay I’ve wanted to write since puberty.

The Kevin McAllister Pie - The Hairpin

Finally, an outlet for my extensive knowledge of Home Alone.

The GIF Guide to Getting Paid - LadyBits on Medium

An animated lesson in asking for more money.

I'm reading:

This whole series. The story of Lisa Frank. RIP starfish. An emoji art show! You don’t know what Michelle Obama is thinking and feeling. How women executives have been described in The New Yorker over the past 30 years. Marriage and kids are “very cute in the abstract.” Up close and personal with fast-food workers on strike. What we learned in Tahrir. Don’t call it “rape insurance.” No wonder so many women don’t report being sexually assaulted. Being a man on the train. The future of conferences is not-conferences. How Tennessee coal ash ended up in Alabama. Uber hopes to become an “all-purpose utility,” though probably still won’t deliver bricks of weed the size of a party sub. The five-century history of India’s attempts to ban gayness—and a recent history of gang rape. Why it’s so hard to write about anorexia. Karl Lagerfeld is a sociopath. The importance of black weirdos (like THEESatisfaction), and waning influence of white weirdos. On race and response rates in online dating, and a new algorithm. The gender double-standard for gingers. Literary feuds of 2013, and fictional women who were cyberbullied this year. Bob Pollard on how to write a song. Dirty magazines, new and old. Why Americans don’t care about inequality. The rent is too damn high—especially in San Francisco. What your grocery store says about you. Ok, you’re a runner—get over it. Or don’t. Or just go hike a mountain.



I endorse:


The end is near!

I’m making a list of the best things that happened to me in 2013 (see last year’s highlights here). I also want to hear about your milestones and achievements! I’m making a collective list for the last newsletter of the year, and I’ve already gotten some great submissions, including Best Presentation I Gave at the Smithsonian Postal Museum, Best Emoji Response to a Text, and Best Free Beer I Got While Exercising. You guys also sent me a lot of tortoise porn. Thank you.

It’s not too late to contribute! Just hit “reply” and complete this MadLib: “Best   [NOUN]   I   [VERB]ed   this year:” And tell me what it was. Or send me more turtle sex vids.


Getting my weekly @annfriedman on.” -Alaina

“getting .@annfriedman's newsletter is the highlight of my week, which makes me rethink how i spend my weeks.” -Casey Rand. Nothing to rethink, my dear! You’re doing it right.

“WHEN IS OUR FRIENDSHIP GOING TO START?” -Jill Soloway. Realistically? Not til 2014.

This newsletter thinks your height is flawless.

Forward it to the tall ladies and short men you love. And everyone else.

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