July 17, 2015

Summer sass

This week:

It's an XXL summahtime episode of Call Your Girlfriend. And I talked to KPCC about the way women talk.

I'm reading:

An Iranian dissident blogger on why the internet is in trouble. The cruel truth about rock 'n' roll. Tom Petty regrets his past Confederate Flag use. A dispatch from the Taylor Swift Young Leadership Conference. On wanting an arranged gay marriage. How well do we really know our best friends? The one area of the newsroom where women outnumber men. Have you noticed all "virtual assistants" have female names? What happened to Sandra Bland? The story of a homeless man who graduated Harvard law with Chief Justice John Roberts. Kalief Browder's heartbreaking paper on solitary confinement. A rare medical condition causes extreme empathy. The truth about crisis pregnancy centers. How to separate inspiration from appropriation, and how to recognize transformative justice. How well-meaning nonprofits perpetuate poverty. In praise of Serena WilliamsClarice LispectorEllen Pao, and Ta-Nehisi Coates. The women who rule Pluto. Peak juice, eyebrow miracles, dissenting collars, and an island utopia. RIP drinking fountains.


Caitlyn Jenner at the ESPYs. Sharon Van Etten's song about Tig Notaro.


I endorse:

Happy swimsuit season, y'all. Always feel free to interpret "swimming costume" however you wish.


"Of those email newsletters David Carr (sigh) recommended, this is the best." -Mark Bittman. Thanks, Mark! I love your recipes.

"Sitting at work, refreshing my gmail, waiting to be productive until my @annfriedman newsletter is read #soon -Anneke van den Hof. The waiting-to-be-productive phase is actually a very underrated part of productivity.

"true mark of an excellent sunday: making it all the way through @annfriedman's newsletter #smallvictories" -Caitlin Allmaier. So happy to be part of your sense of accomplishment.

"gif game so strong in today's @annfriedman newsletter" -Alyssa Coscarelli. I'm really feeling the GIF set lately. One is not enough to express myself.

"Waiting for the @annfriedman newsletter like [britney gif]" -Anna. I've hit you, baby, one more time.

This newsletter is already on the patio with a glass of rosé.
Don't bother forwarding it. Chiiiillllllll.

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