October 31, 2014

Super last-minute costume ideas

How Will Women Use Their Power This Election?- NYmag.com
We're all dressing up as the most coveted electoral demographic.

Tricks Our Minds Play on Us While House Hunting - Los Angeles magazine
Not to be confused with house-haunting.

Episode 10: Home Girls - Call Your Girlfriend
On the podcast, a dilemma about debt, marriage, and lasagna.

I'm reading:

The ebola wars and their survivors. A stadium built to resist riots. Thousands of protesters are still camping in Hong Kong, and thousands of Spanish feminists shut down Barcelona this week. The final implosion of Occupy Wall Street. America hates mothers and immigrants. A teenager on why she's just not that into coding, and a grown woman who's been targeted because she likes gaming. How do you talk productively about how white the art world is? The New Black, riding in an Uber. Stenothermal waters and the relentless flow of time. The world's greatest counterfeiter. The mathematics of sugar daddy dating. The secret fantasies of adults. The average man's body. The economics of rom-coms. 41 & Pregnant. A teacher becomes a student and can't stand it. Free us from the tyranny of clothes. The trouble with celebrity advice-memoirs and kids' costumes. Against trend forecasting. Why you dislike Kim Kardashian. Glenn Beck left Fox, moved to Texas, and got super rich. Martha Stewart plans a "punk rock party." Seven minutes in hell with Elvira. The blogger who broke the Jian Ghomeshi story. BDSM is not an excuse, and other ridiculous things powerful men ask us to believe. The warrior-in-chief against FGM. Men who can't handle women who love books. Dot tv. Pronoun trouble. BuzzademiaLondon's housing is no longer for living in. A next-level Airbnb scam. A return to Pee-Wee's Playhouse. I love it when New Yorkers adopt pseudo-health trends three decades after Californians. Why Mississippi fails at everything. Proper produce storage. Poor teeth.


A really good video about catcalling. The dual lives of people with mental illness. Jill Soloway is great.


"I will not ruin the sanctity of that character."

I endorse these last-minute costume ideas:

- Spill red wine all over yourself. Ask everyone how they're feeling. You are a vinotherapist.
- Talk to another woman about something other than a man. You are the Bechdel Test.
- Wear all black workout gear, ideally with appliquéd white reflective crosses. Apply way too much eyeliner and really dark lipstick. You are health goth.
- Go to a thrift store and buy a men's suit that is 4 sizes too big. You are David Byrne in Stop Making Sense.
- Wear a beige sweatsuit and get a few friends to do the same. Carry musical instruments. You are the rest of the Talking Heads in Stop Making Sense.
- Put a brightly colored sleeping bag over your head and shake all night long. You are a vibrator.
- Get stoned. Wear men's briefs and jeans and a napkin as a shirt. Put your hair in pigtails. You are Ilana from Broad City.
- Balance a stack of unread New Yorkers on your head. You are everybody's coffee table.
- Find a black unitard. Cut a plastic pumpkin in half and wear it as a mask. Dance like you've never danced before. You know who you are.
....plus 10 more ideas that are old but still pretty good, and even more ideas in flow-chart form.



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