November 14, 2014

Talkin' 'bout the bad girls

Teenagers on the road to nowhere - The Guardian
I reviewed Lindsay Hunter's excellent debut novel about sad, bad girls—not in the Donna Summer sense, more in the teen-delinquent sense.

Shaking Off the Haters Won't Solve Online Harassment -
Just because you can handle it doesn't mean it's right.

I'm reading:

Shingy & Shingier. Faux-inclusive punks. Mykki Blanco & Kathleen HannaThe power and price of being a woman on stage. Hillary never fares well as a frontrunner. (I wrote about this in 2012.) Mia Love, R-Nowhere. How Facebook could skew an election. What if all you need is 1,000 die-hard fans? How to argue against the misinformed. Literature, gardens, and middle age. A luxurious Survival Condo for the apocalyptically-minded rich person in your life. An epic tale of a gentleman thief. The real Marlowe. A female vet battles addiction. Close the prisons. How to make a best-selling book. What if a lower- or middle-class person wanted to write a novel? Young beauty and the cultural theft of women's time. The rise of extreme daycare. The secret language of teen girls on Instagram. People are printing a mangled Ayn Rand quote on t-shirts and totes and selling them to women. Gone girls. Honey Power. On race and adoption. "Just being who we are is extremely risky." Everybody sexts. A month on Steve Harvey's dating site. The bartender is watching your Tinder dateSelf-care in theory and practice. High Maintenance. The life of a pot critic. Le doublage. Recording "Space Oddity" in orbit. LGBT Haitians fight for visibilityMoral geniuses. What we fight about when we fight about BuzzFeed. An abuse scandal in USA Swimming. The case for denying visas to pick-up artists. You can have my avocados when you pry them from my cold, dead hands.


James Baldwin debates William F Buckley in 1965 on the question: "Is the American dream at the expense of the American Negro?" (Baldwin & Buckley begin at the 14:00 mark.) What would Yeezus wear?


Happy Friday. Here is a sequins sequence.

I endorse:

A subscription service for bad-ass zines by women! Get a package of zines, printed on paper, delivered to your mailbox every quarter. This is an awesome new effort from my friends Emily Alden Foster and Mercedes Kraus at Womanzine. The first round of subscriptions is limited to 50, so sign up now.

Bonus: I also endorse Pop-Up Magazine, which is coming to LA for the first time next week. There are still tickets! Get 'em here.


"i tend to be pretty productive on fridays-- until @annfriedman's newsletter hits my inbox" -Alyssa Coscarelli. I'm going to take this as encouragement to sleep in on Fridays and send this thing later.

"Whew. @annfriedman didn't procrastinate on AF Weekly again, waiting til it's dark out and we're in party clothes. *opens all tabs* " -Karolle Robinson. You know how some people picture the audience naked? I picture you all in party clothes 24/7.

"Thanks for your newsletter-- it's not just learning stuff or feeling cool knowing about stuff on the internet, although it is that; I like seeing stories that teach me to empathize with people different from me. So thanks!" -Holly Munson. I legit teared up at this one.

"How can one live without an @annfriedman weekly newsletter? #notpossible" -Esther Y. Kang. Having a Leeann Rimes flashback over here. "How do I, oh how do I, oh how do I liiiiiiiiiiive?" Actually, I don't want to know.

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