October 24, 2014

Tell me what you really think

I'm reading:

On self respectBristol Palin and Malala Yousafzai's memoirs, comparedMexican journalist was murdered for her tweets. A vehicle is a body. What it was like to have an abortion in 1959 and be pretentious about music in 1998. A hipster's case for Des Moines as rural rural Iowa fades. FarmsplainingKomen for the carcinogens. Quiet (white) riot. Police in Ferguson committed human rights abuses, says Amnesty. The whiteness of gone girls. "Feeeel your center," and other fitness extremes. Georgia peaches, sweet tea, owning human beings as property. When demographics change but the culture doesn't. There is no Shonda Rhimes of mediaMen care more about artists' reputations. Nicki & twigs. Party in the USA. A personal history of makeup and mother-daughter relationships. "Hey, what's up, welcome to the pier." Don't be that creepy dude who pesters women in public, and don't always push women to call the cops on their abusers. The toil of comment moderation. Twitter wants to be in every app. Who is a voyeur? One day of work at the service-economy startup from hell. Dressed for success. Mallory Ortberg is fantastic. The internet is terrible. "Too real." Nerdbros and BJs and douchebags. Que viva Elizabeth Pena. Peak L.A. Eat your vegetables. Drink your coffee


A forthcoming Joan Didion documentary. Roger Ebert's (possible) collected Wikipedia edits. Photos of the student protests in Mexico. Artists advertise for themselves. Campaign ads look exceedingly weird when you strip out the text and narration. New Sleater-Kinney

My grandma, who was a big Louis Armstrong fan, died this week. She was a woman with an opinion about everything and never hesitated to tell you what she really thought. My kind of woman. I'm going to miss her.

I endorse:

$4 million for women journalists. YES.

Live! In person:

Nov. 1: California Prose Directory reading to benefit 826LA in Echo Park, Los Angeles


"You and your email newsletter are the absolute best. Sometimes I think it's truly the very best thing about Friday." -Jeff Miller. This could imply that your Fridays are pretty mediocre, but I'm taking it as a compliment.

"Friday blues are a thing because it's 3:25 and WHERE is @annfriedman? #emptyinbox" -Chloe Ferguson. #checkyourspamfolder, and if it's not there, you can consult the archive.

"Just read through (and clogged my browser tabs from) my first @annfriedman weekly. Wishing I had found it ages ago" -Graison HC. Clogged browser is a commonly reported side-effect of receiving this newsletter.

"Every time I get @annfriedman's weekly newsletter I think she's emailing me personally. Like, 'Oh my gosh, she's found me!'" -Lauren Edmonds. Free idea for Nicholas Sparks: "The Newsletter," a romantic tale of lovers separated by a spam filter. In the movie adaptation, both you and I are played by Ryan Gosling.

This newsletter is for your opinionated grandma, too.
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