October 17, 2014

The babe with the power

What Good Is a Powerful Women's Conference? - NYmag.com
Who's really being empowered here?

About a Girl - The New York Times Book Review
I reviewed Caitlin Moran's new novel. Spoiler: I liked it.

From 'No Means No' to 'Yes Means Yes' - WNYC / The Brian Lehrer Show
I was on the radio this morning, talking about hot consensual sex.

BuzzFeed loves Call Your Girlfriend! And I just signed with FRESH Speakers, a new kind of speaking agency.

I'm reading:

An anthropological approach to containing ebola. Ferguson October. A really good take on a very old "controversy." The judge who inspired the "personhood" movement. It's possible to live in more than one time. The case for Mercury Retrograde. Quotas only go so far. Making peace with getting skinnier. Find your beachBasic bitches and BLARPing. Being a mom and Y Combinator. LA's tech world. White people on whiteness. "A three-month-long stomach virus you are forced to keep a secret." #IHadAMiscarriage. Team Ke$ha. Why Nicki's twerk is different than Taylor's. The biggest night the auction world had ever seen. "See the St. Bernard slobbering over the shallots at Whole Foods?" Reading only women. RoxaneA forgotten women-made dirty comic. 100% anon, no size-shaming. Little failure on the road. The rise of the canvas tote. Jesus's foreskin.


The user experience of heartbreak. The 90-year-old woman who locked a cop in her basement for trying to bust in without a warrant. How to make underwear for your fruit.


Let's all take a moment to appreciate Bowie's powerful pants

I endorse:

On the Living Room Floor
, one woman's attempt to find the best home-exercise videos on YouTube and collect them all in one place, with amazing pithy commentary. Sample: "Skip the headstands and whatnot and you get a nice 40 minute vinyasa flow by a cute guy on a dock." And "My thighs and I have been humbled."

Live! In person:

Oct 18: Afar Magazine Spins the Globe at LitQuake, San Francisco
Nov 1: California Prose Directory reading to benefit 826LA, Los Angeles


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