September 12, 2014

The brozone layer

The NFL's Disgusting Message to Abused Women -
Without a viral video to prove it, it's not abuse. It's just "an incident."

I prefer a no-bro zone - The Guardian
Some of my best friends play fantasy football and own cargo shorts, and yet.... (My "never read the comments" policy is in full effect on this one.)

Pie chart: Why did our startup fail? - The Long+Short
How are we coping with the failure of our startup? - The Long+Short
This brand-new digital magazine asked me to make charts about innovation.

Episode 8: Emotional Detox - Call Your Girlfriend
Amina and I finally discussed Ferguson. And digital detoxes, adult summer camp, and retirees' sex lives. Subscribe via iTunes!

Plus, dead-tree media!
No Future For You: Salvos from The Baffler
My essay on LinkedIn is featured in this awesome new compilation.

Make it Mighty Ugly: Exercises & Advice for Getting Creative Even When it Ain't Pretty
Kim Werker features me all over the place in her great new book about the creative process.

Dislike, a German magazine of "collected displeasure," reprinted my Disapproval Matrix in the form of a screenshot from Tumblr. Can't make this stuff up.

I'm reading:

9/11 thoughts from a black New Yorker, a white Californian, and a brown kid in Wisconsin. Inside the fast-food protests. How a 14-year-old Yazidi girl escaped her captors. Super-white late night and fashion week. Jazz and the counterculture. The hip-hop hustle, then and now. The prof who forged his genius. Abusive players play on. Rape in the Alaskan wilderness and on the US-Mexico border and in Sudan and of men in the military. #whyistayed "As a father of daughters." T-Swift. When "it gets better" is far, far away. The ladies of Shondaland. Adoptees rewrite Korean adoption lawsA catastrophic defeat in Ukraine. Red-nosed pros. Why "disruptors" are usually white dudes. Blaming and overanalyzing Tinder, and what our swipes say about us. One night with a gigolo. Why we can't stop watching contrived romance "reality" shows. A man who fell in love with his best friendSam Smith's gay conservatism. "You're straight? But you're so pretty!" Not gay or straight but "Martine-sexual." Ugh, goodbye GoFundMe. Corporate noir. Life on a superyacht. You can't reply to every PR email. Gram Parsons' lost UFO film. Awwwwkward.


The Divine documentary. Michael Jackson, Prince & James Brown, together. An invocation for beginnings. And animated essay on the importance of storytelling.


I endorse:

My friend Christie Young just made this hilarious, insightful, heavily illustrated book about modern womanhood. Advice includes how to test potential Craigslist roommates, how to prepare for overnight guests, and how to approach wardrobe perfection. See a sample here, and buyyyy it for all your ladybros. 

Bonus endorsement: I wrote something very nerdy about eye-care products for A Series of Tubes, a fantastic newsletter you should all subscribe to.

Live! In person:

Sept 29: Aggregate Conference, Louisville, KY
Oct 14: Radar Reading Series at LitQuake, San Francisco, CA
Oct 18: LitCrawl with Afar Magazine, San Francisco, CA


"Wishing I had the superpower to read multiple articles at once so I could instantly digest all the great links in @annfriedman's newsletter." -Paige Pritchard. Me, too.

"Despite spending 8 hours+ per day in front of a computer, and priding myself on having eclectic and diverse sources of news, ideas, and stories... your reading lis is so full of many fantastic gems that I would otherwise miss." -John LeFevre. I'm here to diversify you.

"My BFF Nicole had this dream last night where you and her were running from/tracking down escaped Ohio school shooter TJ Lane, who had, in true dream fashion, transformed into some creature. Nicole reports you were a very calming/steading influence on the situation." -as told to Joseph Hughes. This is my first endorsement from someone' subconscious!

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