August 23, 2013

The fempire strikes back

Harry Had It Wrong: Men, Women and Friendship -

Dude-friends! You are the greatest. Thanks for supporting my empire-building efforts.

#Realtalk: The women’s pages -

Launching pad or a lady-ghetto? It can be surprisingly difficult to tell the difference.

Men, women and media empire-building -

Some speculation as to why big media companies don’t throw money at women to start their own verticals or publications. Also, note to self: Stop titling everything “men, women, and [BLANK].”

I'm reading:

Some sympathy for San Francisco landlords. “We are writing about race whether or not we consciously choose to address it.” Oranges Is the New Black as a slave narrative. Why there’s no Wonder Woman movie. On dead girls in indie rock and race in country music (paging Buck). Whatever happened to the Best Music Writing series? Melville’s marginalia and Dorothy Parker’s taste for scotch. Reader’s block, and the writing career as revenge fantasy. Thinking about pregnancy like an economist. A great tale about fly fishing. Heartbreaking: “What did I do wrong against Sergeant Bales that he shot my father?” How the Obama administration is handling “women’s issues,” and how Nixon tried to woo women. Gay retirement. The history of spam. Why creative people should keep lists. (I use SimpleNote on my phone synced with Notational Velocity on my desktop. It is crucial.) A beautiful thing about the impracticality of love. Also, lobotomies.

Spirit animal:

Starting to get serious about ambitious plans for 2k14. I feel great.

I endorse:

Cleveland! I met so many nice people there last weekend. I saw Stephen Stills’ poncho and Sam Cooke’s cardigan and Stevie Nicks’ scarves at the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame. And lots of guitars. I bought so many cheap records and thrifted a floral Norma Kamali pant and crop-top set. I also got a large button that says “Cleveland Rocks for BUSH,” which I’m choosing to wear as a commentary on pubic grooming rather than our 41st or 43rd president.

Also, I had a great time hanging out and eating hot dogs and drinking beer with graphic designers and illustrators at Weapons of Mass Creation fest. One night at the bar they all pulled out their preferred brand of ink pen and discussed the merits, then all put their heads down and began to doodle. It was adorable.


Putting in a request now for some life coaching. Or, as I like to think of it, Annsplaining. OH SHIT.” - top longform bro Max Linsky, coining a term that I will be copyrighting imminently.

“Ann Friedman is all kinds of awesome.” - Liz Weil

@annfriedman is a national effing treasure.” -Sarah Moughty

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