May 10, 2013

There's nowhere I'd rather be

Why Don’t More Women Run for Office? -

I know women who are ambitious in dozens of other ways, but none seems interested in a career in politics.

This is the best moment to be working in media - Columbia Journalism Review

If you wanna do journalism, it’s probably best to stop lamenting the industry’s death.

Sign Language: Suggested L.A. Neighborhood Taglines - Los Angeles magazine

Outtakes include “Koreatown: Where your acupuncturist’s favorite reflexologist is,” “Westwood: Why?” and “Venice: We Still Rollerblade.”

Odds and Ends: I talked to The Setup about the James Bond-iest item I own, and the other tools I use to do my job. I also chatted with the Mailchimp blog about this very newsletter.

I'm reading:

A history of fraudulent food. Alissa Walker’s delightful response to L.A. haters. On being a woman in comedy and a perfection-obsessed boy who’s in the closet. Morrissey on marriage and Daft Punk on their costume decisions. One domestic violence survivor’s story. Purity is bullshit—what about feminist porn? What the drug war looked like in 1969. “The road to obscurity in tennis is paved with high expectations of well-meaning fans.” Blue Ivy’s hairstory. I totally get why “natural” is bad for women but, like, thank god NARS Heat Wave isn’t on this list.

Spirit animal:

Home at last!

Spring Domination Tour:

… has come to an end. YES.

This weekend: Those of you in Los Angeles can come hear me read on Sunday night at Hot Dish, an excellent literary event hosted by my pals J.Ryan and Summer. (On a related note, J.Ryan wrote this hilarious satire of foodie culture. He is also fundraising for 826LA right now, and if you care about kids and books, you should kick him a few dollars.)

I endorse:

Bougainvillea. The magenta boug in front of my house is bloomin’ so hard right now! Probably because I regularly serenade it with “My Boug,” an adaptation of the Ghost Town DJ’s classic.


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