November 21, 2014

Things strangers say to me

What It's Like to Be a Woman Who's 6'2" -
Or, what it's like to have people talk to you about your body every single day.

I'm reading:

RIP, Leslie Feinberg. "Kenyan women have been laying their bodies on the line for years." Yes, of course they know it's Christmas. A broad critique of the nonprofit-industrial complex. What it's like to be starved out of Syria. The viral imagination. Learning when you're alone. The difficulties of self-awareness and self-promotion. How the NFL and police work against abuse survivors. Connective tissue. On smushing bugs and hiding diets. American white supremacists are recruiting in Europe. America is oblivious. Black with a capital B. The evolution of Asian Americans on TV. Double-eyelid surgery stories. An interview with a British suicide bomber and a narrowly avoided kidnapping. A near-death experience. Why did authorities lock up these women with men? The making of Tesla. The invisible women behind the app economy. Silicon Valley's top headhunter. EMOJI FOREVER. Ghost emailsAging out of music. Steve Albini is optimistic about the industry, but Spotify is kind of a mixed bag. The new feminist dance movement. "You sound like an uptight white Jewish dude!" A female entrepreneur who is also a mom. A bigger life. The masculine mistake. A history of the Sunday style section. The plight of the adjunct. The truth about Anonymous. Why is outdoor gear so ugly? Cow noir. Gina Prince-Bythewood is awesome. Thoughts on Bill Cosby. Fandom isn't friendship. R. Kelly in his own words. An HIV group fights Truvada. The future of downtown LA. Did Duchamp steal "Fountain"? Who cares, you've finally started wearing the right bra size!


How to draw people on the subway. How to write a job listing that will appeal to women and people of color. How cities would look with all the lights out. You can't go home again. No flex zone.


Service announcement: I'm on a plane right now, on my way to relax and write and do some yoga by a lake in Guatemala. I will not be on the internet for two weeks. I've planned ahead so you'll still get a newsletter every Friday (DON'T WORRY), but it'll be a little different then your regularly scheduled programming.

I endorse:

Training women to become angel investors. Apply now for the Pipeline Fellowship, a bootcamp where women of all professions learn how to invest in startups.


"Weekend-consumingly good!" -Shahriar Khan. Aw, shucks.

"I save things I want to read to Pocket and things I want to reread to Evernote. I keep saving @AnnFriedman's links to both." -Monica Carmean. I love a woman with a reading system.

"Do any newsletters stand up to yours?" How do I find? I'll read what she's reading!" -Alexandra Heide. Stay tuned—I'll answer this next week.
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