February 28, 2014

This is normcore.

Pie chart: What is normcore? - The Hairpin

(Context.) Can someone photoshop a white turtleneck on this woman?

What Successful People Read Before Bed - Business Insider

lolololol I’m featured on this list, which prompts the question: How are they defining “success”?

Intimacy and Technology Panel - The Bold Italic

Here is a video of me moderating a tech-bro discussion about sex, love, and apps.

I’m reading:

MY BOO. Frasier Crane and binge-watching. I’m fascinated by Megan Ellison. No one puts baby in parentheses. The most internet sentence of all time. Against DealBook. LinkedIn is still the worst. Men, lean out! Literary magazines aren’t that interested in women. Maybe because we can’t write about sex? Or is it men who can’t write about sex? Whatever, sexting is boring. How to hack Tinder—and the Google hiring process—to look more desirable. Why death-row inmates don’t stay single for long. Jared Leto’s cringe-worthy performance as a transgender woman. How US taxpayers are complicit in Ugandan antigay laws. Drunk, half a mile from shore. The history of Chock Full o’ Nuts. Lauren Smiley’s great feature about San Francisco’s Mission Street. The case for (some) gentrification, and Spike Lee’s rant against it. California’s water saga, beautifully explained. The existential anguish of the tattoo. The queer appropriation of Abercrombie. When you’re too cool for Brooklyn, there’s always Berlin. This is not a map of every state’s favorite band. How nostalgia ruined Neutral Milk Hotel. RIP the internet and literary bad boys. The end of peer pressure.


(I’m adding a new little section for audio and video. I always save up a bunch of stuff like this and watch/listen all at once, so I figured I’d share with you guys the way I share my weekly reading list. Don’t worry—it’ll  never be as long as the instapaper dump above.)

RuPaul talks to Lohanthony. (And more Ru.) James Murphy’s musical of subway sounds. Baby Crispin Glover on Letterman. A Google hangout on African-American identity. Anderson Cooper eviscerates an antigay politician. Smart ladies discuss the state of sports. Broad City. Schoolboy Q. Beck. This playlist.



I endorse:


Soundboardt. What’s more normcore than circulating a link to something everyone’s already seen? Seriously, though, I’ve lost hours to this thing.



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