December 05, 2014

Total randomness

I'm still in Guatemala, and still not paying any attention to the internet. I made this newsletter ahead of time—hopefully there are enough treats here to tide you over 'til I'm back on the news cycle next week. 

I'm re-reading:

Best tech lols this year: Jessica Pressler on Washio and Lizzie Widdicombe on Soylent
Best things I reread immediately: Andrea Lee's notes on the exotic and Meghan Daum's ​
ambivalence about motherhood. 
Best reported piece that changed my perspective on an oft-covered issue: Sarah Kendzior on minimum-wage workers and Lauren Smiley on San Francisco's 
last street standing.
Best Q&A: Tavi & Miley.
Best art review: iso14below on white people reacting to Kara Walker's work.
Best essay about an icon: Rachel Kaadzi Ghansah on The Beyhive.

(I am going to try to do a fuller best-of list for 2014-- consider this a preview.)


Things that not new or timely: Fallon as Neil Young forever. John Denver psychedelic skiing. "That's a ten." Journey's "Separate Ways." Miss Piggy does Peaches. Astronauts faceplanting always make me feel better about a tough day. Cannot explain why I find dancing jello so hilarious. Also the videos on Weird Dude Energy. The only cat video I endorse is "Cat watching Slayer." 


Yep, I'm still on vacation.

I endorse:

Some people are all about getting to inbox zero, but I want to make To Do List Zero a thing. Do you guys have those three or four things that have been hanging out on your list forever? My non-work to-do list looks like this:
My friends Dana and Andrei got married in June. I have had that Bill Callahan poster rolled up in a closet for more than a year. And, most embarrassingly, I have lived in California for nearly 4 years and have yet to update my driver's license. Please reply and tell me the thing that has been on your to-do list forever, and can we collectively pledge to get to zero in 2015?
This newsletter is embracing the randomness.
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