May 08, 2015

Tough mothers

This week:

On the latest episode of Call Your Girlfriend, we talk about selfies, Spanx, Amy Schumer, and Janet Mock. And I'm in some great company on this list of women talking about their hopes for the future of media.

I'm reading:

A former teen mom on raising a teenager. Inspirational women of the week: Kris Jenner, KelelaTrina, and Renata AdlerWilliam Shatner feels good about everything. The Onion grows up. Ben Carson's Detroit. What it's like to be an avalanche survivoran Uber driver, a manicurist, and a black writer online. How to talk to women on the internet. The IRL/URL border and the future of lonelinessIs this just something you are doing? Judges' silence on mass incarceration. The unimaginable trauma endured by hundreds of kidnapped Nigerian girls. Why some businessmen are pretending to be work-obsessed. A selfie masterwork. Dickens: the original authorpreneur. The neuroscience of cool. The abandoned corners of SecondLife. The case for physical books. Suburban survivalists. Let's build our own bestie row—preferably in L.A.


Mothers are so tough. Amina explains how Shine Theory coexists with humility. Baltimore's voguers. Ta-Nehisi Coates speaks about race in America. A boxing mom competes in the Golden Gloves. French Montana and 2 Chainz feed a baby giraffe. Ja Rule talks business.


Don't forget to celebrate drag mothers, too. 

I endorse:

This incredible series of photos by Natalie Krick about mothers and daughters and youth and aging and beauty pressure  and body image and all sorts of complicated things.


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