October 09, 2015

Up in the air

You may have noticed there was no newsletter in your inbox last week. It's a boring technical story, but the short version is I couldn't send it because this list is no longer tiny enough for TinyLetter. I'm working on a transition, which you'll hear more about in the next few weeks. In the meantime, you can read last week's newsletter here

This week:

I wrote about how I react when artists and activists I respect run afoul of my feminist politics. And I'm quoted in this Harvard Business Review article about the personal newsletter boom.

I'm reading:

The year of identity and our (possibly) post-gender future. A history of female anger. How gunmen get their guns. Signs you're about to write a Dear Prudence letter. The hidden Kennedy daughter. The cost of work-from-home mothering, and a conversation about becoming a mother. Kenyan women create a women-only villageMen speak out about Planned Parenthood. The death of a barely-known genius filmmaker. A guide to Europe's punk foremothers. Bow before Nicki Minaj. The story of Prince's 'Dirty Mind.' On sex and the sacred text. A scary game from the deep web. The ghost boat.

Pie chart:

The 36,000 Feet Pie.


The lessons of Grace Lee Boggs. Interviews about the end of the world. The Great British Bake Off!!


People are trying to declare that 
avocados are over. Apparently they are so mainstream that I got this disco-avo GIF from the Denny's tumblr. The Denny's tumblr, you guys. I'm playing directly to some marketing ploy and I don't even care. I would attend an avo-party. I refuse to be overcado-shamed.

I endorse:

This crucial message is brought to you by my pal Dylan Lathrop. You can spread the gospel of chill to the wider world by wearing it on your shirt.


So many of you subscribed that we outgrew TinyLetter. I think that's a pretty good testimonial.
This newsletter is flying high (and not just because of the weed gummies).
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