January 09, 2015

We could be sheroes

I'm reading:

The history of cartoons and controversy. Against sacralizing Charlie Hebdo. Why no one is angry about inequality. Catman Keeley and his corporate hoboes. The new suburban poverty, the "new blackness," and the new civil rights movement. We out here. Why the NYPD slowdown is a good thing. A heart-to-heart with a plainclothes cop. The secret history of women in the Senate. What stalled the gender revolution? You can't "have it all." You certainly can't have it all at once, and you have plenty of time to love them later. The decisive marriage and the destructive wedding industry. Life as a reluctant outlier and a viral meme. Does "authenticity" mean "exclusion"? The doodler murders. The unofficial brothel of CES, and the myth of trafficking. Marguerite Duras predicts the future. Top five digital media launch mistakes. Why children's "inappropriate play" is important. Guilt-ridden kids, depressed adults making peace with meds, and allergic reactions. Can a state force a 17-year-old to undergo chemo? "For me, there is little about Cuba that feels uncomplicated." Misunderstanding Detroit. I saw Sunset Strip legend Troy Walker sing this week. Powerful women on their clothing choices. Why is Swedish pop so good? Tay Swify's ladycrew. Women are magic. The real-life Jean-Ralphios and boy kings of clickbait. Men learn the meaning of cake by the pound. (Bey already knew.) This is what a feminist boyfriend looks like? Nice Guys (TM). Juice cleanses are bullshit. Things people say when you're a blonde engineer at MIT. Something small, every day, ideally in the morning. 50 Cent says: Make a vision board. Make it rain. Make it inefficient. Sigh, I'm too old for "30 Under 30" and too young for "35 Over 35." 


Images taken by NASA's Cassini. A very calming virtual motorbike ride. St. Vincent's leather-pants camel toe. Listen to your voicemail. The internet's version of a flipbook.


Happy belated birthday, Bowie! (It was yesterday.) I watched this mesmerizing GIF by Helen Green for at least five minutes straight, can can definitively say that Bowie's primary fashion missteps are all correlated with facial hair. Keep it clean, you pretty thing.


And the backstory.

*New feature!

I endorse:

Joan & Joni! Which of my creative sheroes will get the high-fashion treatment next? I'm on the edge of my seat.


"It is the only subscription I did not unsubscribe from in unroll.me. And I unsubscribed from a lot." -Caroline Gray. For real, unroll.me is a life/inbox-changer. 

"So why did I wait to savour my Ann Friedman emails over Christmas break?Just discovered all your great gift ideas that I could have used about 2 weeks ago!" -Karin Smith. Hey, there are always birthdays.

"It was especially nice to read it last Friday when I did NOT want to be back at work after the holidays and needed something to keep me going instead of just staring at the clock." -Erica Taddeo. I relate. I actually don't feel like I came back to work at all. My body spent the week upright in front of a computer, but my brain is still on the sofa in leggings, eating snacks.

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