June 20, 2014

What's the emoji for "ladyswagger"?

13 Influential Women in Tech - ELLE

I talked to so many incredible ladies for this article. None of them are named Sheryl or Marissa.

Astronaut Sally Ride and the Burden of Being “The First” - The American Prospect

NASA engineers asked Ride, “Is 100 the right number [of tampons]?” She would be in space for a week.

162 New Emoji We Need Right Now - The Hairpin

Crucial suggestions from me and Amina.

I’m reading:

The Empathy Exams. Ugh, Terry Richardson. A defense of Pitbull, and the 17-year-old who has a hit with him. Interviews with Karl Ove Knausgaard and pop-psychotherapist Adam Phillips. Disrupting innovation. HRC and the scrunchie chronicles. The problem with free tuition from Starbucks.The offensive whiteness of Scott Walker. Prisoner-picked vegetables. Dry farming. Paying for an end to gun violence. Daughters matter. Yes means yes. Not so hot.

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RuPaul and Michelle Visage are podcasting! A new Courtney Love thing. Mating in captivity.



Oh hi, I murdered my computer in a red wine bath this week. And so I am writing this newsletter on a new laptop. Which is soooo nice but cost many, many dollars. Which makes me want to drink... more wine. The circle of life.

I endorse:


This new EP from The Tender Hips, a delightful little London-based (American-style) country band. Listen on Bandcamp, iTunes and Spotify. The cover photo is by my friend Lara Shipley.

You Do You:

My friend Gracy and I are collaborating on a writing and yoga retreat in Guatemala this November. No, it’s not just a trip for my friends—anyone can come, ladies and dudes alike. It’s gonna be great. There are a couple of spaces left, but this thing is almost full. More info here.


No testimonials this week because I was in the woods and paying very little attention to Twitter, where most testifying occurs. Also, the aforementioned laptop wine bath. This feature will return next week!

This newsletter's greatness cannot be conveyed in tiny pictograms.

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