August 15, 2014

When you're 21, you're no fun

The Power of 29: An Ode to Being Almost 30 -
I wrote this column just so I could have the perfect thing to send to friends who are turning 29.

Episode 6: You Know White People - Call Your Girlfriend
On the podcast this week, Amina and I discuss a Beyoncé sighting, Pope Francis’s internet, masculine aggression on public transit, baby feminists, and black immigration vs. white perception. Plus, hear our friendship origin story. Subscribe via iTunes if you haven't already.

I'm reading:

Who killed Michael Brown? A brief history of black folks and sidewalks. Anger and occupation on the front lines of Ferguson because America is not for black people. Men without a country. "If you go out, you better be wearing the armor of God." What it's like to investigate police misconduct. Why do so many people pretend to be Native American? Yezidi survivors recount a rampage. We're a Zambian band. China can't breathe. The U.S. is an oligarchy."Random Family," 10 years later. How scheduling software screws low-wage workers. Underpaid yoga teachers, and how yoga is different in India. A crime of loneliness. With depression, "there comes a point where love does not matter." Not everyone feels this way. "Dead Poets Society changed my life." Lessons from a bougainvilleaHow did I get here? A history of the Approval Matrix. Is the crossword puzzle biased against women? A forgotten digital feminist pioneer. The highs and lows of traveling for work. Explaining catcalling to men. A "respected" journalist becomes an assailant. What happens when you like every post you see on Facebook. "Taking a break" from the internet. Snowden. The San Francisco rent explosion, visualized. Gentrification, Inc. Re-watching Garden State. My friend Elana learned to drive in her 30s, with my car. Power to the pack rats and vinyl hoarders. Pregnancy, week by week. Spirits and spirituality. Unstoppable uptalkTampon pride.


When the police mean to communities of color. New Ryan Adams, old Beach Boys, and a Ladytron throwback (referenced in this week's subject line). Annual birthday suit selfies. An idealized North Korea. What emoji-only communication did to one couple's relationship.

I endorse:

This effort to get emergency food aid to Gaza. "The Israeli vegetable growers' association has 5000 tons of surplus potatoes that will be destroyed on Sunday. Let's send them to Gaza." If they don't make the total goal, they'll still buy as many tons as they an afford. The Israeli growers' association is giving them a discount. 


"Patience was not my strong point." 

Live! In person:

September 29, Aggregate Conference, Louisville, Kentucky
October 14 & 18, LitQuake, San Francisco, California
March 13-17, SXSW, Austin, Texas. Slow. The F*#%. Down. And Tell StoriesIf you (and lots of other people) vote for this panel, I'll be discussing slow-internet storytelling with several other smart people.


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"Gmail recently promoted you to my primary inbox of its own volition. They are playing bad boyfriend mind games, as they do." -Rachel McCarthy James. I'm glad somebody's email provider recognizes my worth.

"Not only is @annfriedman's newsletter lovely, but people featured in her testimonials are often a good addition to a Twitter timeline too." -Evren Kiefer. I love the idea of all you guys hanging out on Twitter together.


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