April 12, 2013

Work hard, nap hard

Why Female Politicians Aren’t Always Pro-Woman - NYmag.com

A long-winded version of Rebecca Traister’s excellent tweet about Margaret Thatcher: “Women leaders aren't all feminist heroes. Some just bring us closer to parity in historically male-dominated field of fascistic governance.”

The New Cult of Domesticity - The New Republic

It’s not just that educated women are opting out. It’s that all sorts of workers are opting in to knitting and pickling and amateur butchery and homemade laundry detergent.

What am I supposed to tweet about? - CJR.org

140-character realness.

Pie chart: What is our personal nightmare? - The Hairpin

Oh, the places you'll flow! The responses to this chart have been great.

I'm reading:

The NYT Mag piece about Anthony Weiner, obviously. Russell Brand on Margaret Thatcher, plus these photos. Snapchat and the appeal of erasability. Rebecca Solnit on the new tech boom and its effect on San Francisco, where dating/mating patterns have gotten super weird. Jessica Valenti on the marriage con and Genevieve Smith on the creativity-job con. Roger Ebert as personal-brand genius. My so-called post-feminist life. When white men sing soul music. An oral history of No Scrubs. And RIP, KDAY. I’m devastated.

Spirit animal:

Spring Domination Speaking Tour:

This week: I’m on the (b)east coast! I spoke at the BU Power of Narrative conference, I met some awesome women at the NYC WAM mentoring session (see the tweets here), and I recorded an episode of the Longform Podcast with my pal Max Linsky (link coming soon). I’m ready to be back in L.A. though, let’s be real.

Next week: Alaska Press Club Conference, Anchorage. Apparently it’s breakup season, meaning alllll of that ice is starting to melt. Does anyone have some galoshes I can borrow? (Size 9. Thanks.)

I endorse:

Power naps. Full stop.


my mom liked her. found her very stylish. said there were lots of GIFs.” - a friend of a friend, whose mother apparently saw me speak in Boston last week

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