April 10, 2015

Yaaasss. No, totally.

This week:

On the latest episode of the podcast, we talk about the California drought, the Illuminati, Tidal, and a little concept called "body's choice"—aka letting your body make all the decisions for you.

I'm reading:

Aziz Ansari's Modern Romance and Kate Bolick's Spinster. (Reviews forthcoming.) "You go from a traffic stop to someone being killed. It just didn't make any sense to me." A portrait of Toni Morrison, and a self-portrait of the artist as an ungrateful black writer. Leslie Jamison on Chris Kraus, and belatedly reading I Love Dick. (I read it decades late, too.) Jamie Lee Curtis interviews Sigourney Weaver. On beauty and jealousy. Coming out as a first-generation college student. One Direction and modern fandom. The hidden language of ~the tilde~ and the politics of picky pesto-eaters. Apocalyptic schadenfreude and the drought debate. "The terrible things I learned about my dad." The state of our species. Condoms are the worst. Are we overthinking everything? YaaaaasssNo, totally.


Amina was on Silicon Tally. Waxahatchee giving me 90s feels. So excited for a new Frank Ocean album; listening to this and his cover the Isley Brothers.


How to improve any meal. (There is also a zine about this.)

I endorse:

Feminist Hackerspaces
: A zine about hacking culture, not devices. Brought to you by Emily Alden Foster and Amy Burek, available to download for free as a pdf, or you can order a paper copy.

Also, this ladies of NPR t-shirt.

Live! In person:

April 18, Los Angeles: I'm moderating a panel of hilarious women writers (Mallory Ortberg, Issa Rae, and Pamela Ribon!) at the LA Times Festival of Books. It's gonna be so good.


"Another wonderful, action-packed newsletter." -Jacqueline Church. Have you ever considered a career in film reviewing? I think these are the same adjectives Peter Travers used to describe "The Equalizer" starring Denzel Washington. 

Very glad to see @annfriedman's newsletter. It's unexpected though and I wonder if she ever rests" -Evren Kiefer. Spent most of this week by a pool in Palm Springs drinking alcoholic slushy bevs. (I put whiskey and Vernor's ginger ale in a blender with ice. It was a revelation.) Don't you worry 'bout me.

"Sitting by the waterfront enjoying the first creemee of the season & reading the @annfriedman weekly. Life couldn't be better." -Tori Houston. I LOVE a good regional dairy treat.

"Your newsletter is amazing, and it's the only one I read. Do you build it throughout the week, or write it all in one sitting?" -Paul Balcerak. I save links throughout the week, but I write in one sitting. Or in today's case, one reclining. I am still in bed. 

This newsletter would slay for a Culver's concrete right now.
Forward it to someone who shares your taste in regional ice cream.

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