July 24, 2015

Yes, it's about you.

This week:

I wrote about what happens when white people are confronted with big-picture critiques of race and privilege. (If you want to see real-time examples of what I'm talking about, just read the comments on that article.) I was also the guest on Andrew Ti's Yo! Is This Racist? podcast. My Disapproval Matrix, which is more than two years old, is having a little internet renaissance. And I contributed the "Harry Nilsson" to this list of LaCroix cocktails, which are much-needed at this point in the week.

I'm reading:

Cameras aren't stopping police violence. How do you raise carefree black kids? Mama and Baba, a love story. The case for distracted parenting. On privilege, a provocation. Why there's less public outcry when police kill Latinos. The world of right-wing extremists and murderers' fangirls. A Hulk Hogan v. Gawker explainer. Why those deceptively edited Planned Parenthood sting videos matter. The midlife crisis and emotional labor, reconsidered. Mexican-Americans love MorrisseyPlaylists and kegel apps are the future. A personal history of Amazon purchasesDenouncing mispronouncing. The pitfalls of travel writing and building muscle while female. Didion as celebrityNell Zink! Mellody Hobson! A beautiful big, fat wedding. Love and debt. The beautiful decay of abandoned theme parks. A Kazakh town where people can't stop falling asleep. Bag bans and the inside goop. Putting yourself out there(o) (.o) A day in the life of a Manhattan McDonald's. Nature is good for your brain. Yoga? It's less clear. The truth might not be out there. Regardless, every Friday should be a summer Friday. You're not that busy—you just think you are.


Your perception of time. A map of literary roadtrips. Prince's Baltimore. Moses Sumney covers "O, Superman." No, cultural appropriation is not flattering. A Vice headline generator.


I encourage:

Saying her name.

The African American Policy Forum has a #SayHerName social-media guide, plus more information and resources.


Because I am, apparently, highly susceptible to internet creativity trends, I ordered an adult coloring book. I'll let you know if it reduces my stress. Or maybe you'll find out the hard way when I start scanning in my masterpieces and sharing them with you.


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