October 03, 2014

Yes, yes, yes, YES!

Oh Yes Means Yes: The Joy of Affirmative Consent - NYmag.com
California's new law might just help droves of dissatisfied young women.

This Is the Last Thing You'll Ever Read About Sexism in Tech - Matter
I actually don't think this is the last thing you'll ever need to read about sexism in tech. (Hey, I don't write the headlines.)

Free Memoir Ideas - annfriedman.com
Not That Kind of Girl.

California Prose Directory: New Writing from the Golden State
My work is featured in this new anthology. It also includes fantastic writing by the likes of Dana Goodyear, Aimee Bender, Jerry Stahl, Amelia Gray, and more. Order it from Amazon or, better yet, ask for it at your local independent bookshop.

And from the archive, How Breast Cancer Won the Battle for October—and domestic violence lost. Sadly even more relevant one year later.

I'm reading

Hong Kong's protesting copNavigating all of LA's fringe beliefsAha-gasming at Oprah's stadium event. Don't hate Lena Dunham. "Don't always be going to the party—give the party." Coping as a feminist on Tinder. Seeing with new glasses. What it's like to moderate the internet's nastiest trolls and be the most hated man in America. (Er, one of them.) Paula Deen's leftovers and "thug" affectations. So a Native American comedy troupe walks through a Washington football tailgate... 11 things about white boysSay it with me now: "Rehtaeh Parsons." woman's heart attackThe etymology of women's medicine. Can't we just let teen girls enjoy themselves? Why the sharing economy masks a failing economy. Uber is proud of teacher-drivers (oof). Vintage airline fashionThe west's bone-dry future. Madewell: Since 2004Literary lions against Amazon. The case against online shopping. The future of clickbait. What the NYT doesn't get about TV. How it feels to write never-before-seen-on-TV LGBT characters. Learning to love criticism. Why Somaly Mam's lies matter. How the Khorasan Group story spread. The CIA Starbucks. Defending the mommy track and not cooking. San Francisco's invisible class war. "But dreams rarely pay the rent." Fuccboisbro-hugs.


The race portion of the Census since 1790. Gay men explain tampons. David Cameron rapping. Secret recordings from inside the Fed. Drake emoji tattoos.


Hi. I spent the week in Kentucky.

I endorse:

W.L. Weller 12 year and Old Forester Birthday Bourbon.

Live! In person:

Oct. 14: Radar Reading Series at LitQuake, San Francisco
Oct. 18: Afar Magazine Spins the Globe at LitQuake, San Francisco
Nov. 1: California Prose Directory reading, 826LA in Echo Park, 5:30pm. There will be wine!


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