April 05, 2013

You better werk!

I published so many things this week:

Lonely at the Top: Being a Lady Boss Without Mentors - NYmag.com

Got so vulnerable, y’all. Don’t let the emotion fool you: This essay also contains an excerpt from a drunk email in which I document, in real time, the fact that I have just dropped bbq potato chips into my ankle boot. #fakeittilyoumakeit

Going Native - Los Angeles magazine

I charted the characteristics of single Angelenos. This is the first of several monthly contributions to L.A. mag’s Buzz section.

Pie chart: What’s in our dream man’s Instagram feed? - The Hairpin

This was a collaboration with my good friend Jessica Guilfoyle, which means that for once first-person plural is accurate.

My L.A. to Z - Los Angeles magazine

Ten places I love in this great city.

What you gonna do with all that junket? - CJR.org

Take the trip, leave the cannoli.

9 Real-Life Lessons from Chick-Flick Journalists - Refinery29

Have you noticed that journalists are always the protagonists in rom-coms?

I'm reading:

This essay about West Virginia just slayed me. Read it. Also, correspondence between two 19th century geniuses. The problem with cookbook memoirs. Living the Gwyneth life. How to slut-shame Jon Hamm. How to get a black woman fired. How technopreneurs hijacked language and reason. “Moist.” Ebert’s review of Do the Right Thing. Lester Bangs on Elvis. And finally “Frank Sinatra Has a Cold,” which I reread for probably the first time in a decade after I ran across Gay Talese’s outline. The thing that stood out to me now? I can’t think of a single mainstream mag that would let him structure the piece this way today. The section that’s just direct quotes? No way.

Spirit animal:

Been busy.

Spring Domination Speaking Tour:

This weekend: BU Power of Narrative Conference, Boston — I’m pre-geeking out about meeting Tracy Kidder (I refrained from bringing my copy of House for him to sign) and drinking Cynar cocktails with Erin Polgreen. I confess that I am also nervous about giving a keynote speech on Sunday. Ahem.

Next week: April 10, WAM! Mentoring session, New York

I endorse:

RuPaul’s Drag Race. It is Project Runway meets ANTM meets American Idol. It is witty and weird and fun. It is everything, much like Ru himself. The current season is online and previous seasons are on Netflix. If you aren’t already, get familiar. Because if you can’t love yourself, how the hell you gonna love somebody else? Can I get an amen? Also: Read this new profile of the legend.


“I find myself asking at times, WWAFD? I suspect I am not the only one.” -Bonnie Downing. (Ed. note: Most of the time, the answer to WWAFD? is “pour herself a whiskey.”)

“Man o' man (lady o' lady?), I was excited when I saw an email from you in my inbox.” -Katherine Coplen. (Ed. note: Totally stealing “lady o’ lady.”)

“Love you, honey. Talk soon. Don't know how to do the peace sign!” -My mom, who is making progress but has yet to master emoji on her new iPhone.

Do you like seeing this email in your inbox? Tell your friends! Also, please tell me who you’re rooting for on Drag Race this season. I can’t believe I’m admitting this, but I don’t have a clear favorite yet.