March 14, 2014

You don't even have to like me

The Problem with Sheryl Sandberg’s ‘Ban Bossy’ Campaign -

Why couldn’t Sandberg just raise the stakes like Kelis?

Pie chart: What killed the romantic comedy? - The Hairpin

It’s probably that most rom-com heroines were journalists, which is no longer a sexy career.

Bonus: Pi chart!

Signs of LA..’s “Downward Spiral” - Los Angeles magazine

A purely speculative dystopian pie chart.

19 Writing Tips from Writers and Editors for the New Yorker - Buzzfeed

Technically I’ve only written for, so I’m very flattered to be included on this list.

Happy (Newsletter) Birthday!


Can you believe it? This newsletter has been around for a full year. I’ve only skipped two Fridays in all that time. Thanks to 100% of you for subscribing and to 67% of you for opening it every week! (To preserve my self-esteem I tell myself the other 33% just forget to check their spam folder or ‘Promotions’ tab.) A hearty hello to the nearly 500 (!!) people who signed up after a shoutout from Austin Kleon in his SXSW Interactive keynote. Thanks, Austin! I’m buying 10 copies of your new book as a newsletter-anniversary gift to myself.

I’m reading:

A thing I wish I’d written about how the more things change in media, the more they stay the same. (Oh wait, I kind of have written that. Thanks for reminding me!) The presidential dignity fetish. Sexual branding. Cohabitation doesn’t cause divorce, and a Plan B database won’t prevent women from having sex.. Sagan all my love for you. Monocles and barista classes in Brooklyn. What Harriet the Spy and To Kill a Mockingbird have in common. Trans visibility in pop culture. The gender gap in poetry. The rural Albanian women who live as men. More Africa mythbusting from Dayo Olopade. The pain of Adam Lanza’s father. Dropping out of the internet. Smart responses to Newsweek’s Satoshi Nakamoto cover. How weed affects the body. The rapper who needs marijuana the most. La Lohan is out of rehab. I love Mindy Kaling. LOLOLOL @ Benjamin Kunkel. Are malls, like, over? Crucial advice from Amina about Twitter.


I’m not lying when I say the only two things I watched this week were 1) Obama between two ferns and 2) this video promising insights into the emotional lives of hot Irishmen.



This week I’m at the University of Missouri-Columbia, where I’ve spent the past 24 hours talking to journalism students. They are the most scared and stressed-out people I’ve ever met. (Even compared to the professional journalists I know.) It’s like they’ve been told there are only two media jobs left and they have to be totally perfect to even have a hope of getting one and there are so many rules and so much inverted pyramid that I just want to hug them all and tell them IT’S OK, JOURNALISM IS FUN (I think that’s what I’m going to title my advice book), just stop trying to follow so many rules and tell true stories in interesting ways and you’ll be fine

I’m also speaking (with Amina!) at the Women’s Leadership Conference on Saturday. We’re obviously talking about Shine Theory.

I endorse:


Mine is one of the many stories included in Pen & Ink, a charming new book by Isaac Fitzgerald and Wendy MacNaughton! Pre-order it here. Also Cheryl Strayed wrote the intro?? SWOON.


"Got to meet my journalism hero today, @annfriedman, and she was just as sharp, honest, witty and feminist as I expected.” -Tess Malone. The kids are alright!

“So @annfriedman could write a food menu and I’d read it.” -Meredith Fineman. I would totally do this if a restaurant would let me eat for free in exchange for my services.

“Got a 'promotions' email and I was all ughh and then it was my @annfriedman newsletter and I was all yaaay.” -Emma Thesenvitz. You know you can drag me to the inbox, right?

“It's 3pm. Do you know where your @annfriedman is?” -Kate Roedel. Probably snacking.

“love you article recommendations, don't usually understand the pie charts, hate the GIFS, and don't even care about the pop culture references, but I just turned 59 so don't edit your newsletter for me.” -Anne Shipley, your opinion matters to me! And not only because you gave birth to one of my favorite women on the planet. But the GIFs aren’t going anywhere.

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