January 10, 2014

You like me! You really like me!

How to Be Powerful, Likable, and Female - NYmag.com

The headline might oversell this, but I swear it’s possible.

Tech women are busy building their own networks - The Washington Post

What happens when a woman glances around the hackathon and realizes she’s not the only one in the room.

Pie chart: How are we staying warm? - The Hairpin

Most of the time? 100% living in Los Angeles.

#Realtalk: 7 hard truths about journalism in the digital era - Columbia Journalism Review

Somebody had to say it.

I’m reading:

A story told in retweets. Brocialists and future fathers. Resisting monoculture. Hillary’s shadow campaign. Why black women matter in the SNL writers’ room. And in other important rooms. It’s hard for women to recruit women, too. Silent technical privilege. What’s wrong with open office plans. The heartbreaking story of the San Antonio Four and a brain-dead woman forced by the state of Texas to become an incubator. In praise of the dick pic—and how to critique one. “Backdoor DTR” (don’t worry--it’s not a sex thing). The bad old days in New York City. Love in a cold climate. What it feels like to freeze to death. The barrage of threats and hate that women experience online every day. What grown men don’t get about teen girls. (Hint: Everything.) Lorde is smart. The State Department spent $630,000 on Facebook likes, and RapGenius published a great apology for its shady SEO tactics. American Bandstand’s secret anti-gay history. When is it ok to ask whether a public figure is gay? My wise friend Leigh on passion, fear, money, and self-love. A sleight-of-hand master. The curious appeal of Mark Twain in China.


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I endorse:

Ethereal new songs from Bouquet, my friend Carolyn’s band.


Austin Kleon included me on an excellent list of folks who do great newsletters.

“Ann, your weekly posting continues to enthrall me, even though your chief demographic is anybody but 65-year-old, Caucasian, overweight guys.” -Steve Weinberg. My chief demographic is everybody!

“You need @annfriedman's weekly newsletter in your life like you need gifs and good things to read.” -Harry Slater. Really happy this tweet didn’t end, “...like you need another hole in the head.”

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“LOVING THIS WORK WEEK! Feels like a Tuesday but I've got an @annfriedman newsletter in my inbox.” -Tina. I can’t decide whether this is really a good thing, but as long as you’re happy, I’m happy.

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