August 29, 2014

You make loving fun

Thinking About Tomorrow
You guys, I hung out with Christine McVie! I don't really do celebrity-interview journalism, and I really love Fleetwood Mac, so I was very nervous to meet her. She was friendly and pretty open—she told me that she's gotten laid a few times during her years of semi-isolation in the remote English countryside. We ate tea sandwiches and salt-cured olives, and I took a weird selfie in her elevator. Here's the clip of her backstage during the Rumours tour that I reference in the beginning of the article. And here's a Spotify playlist of songs written by McVie. So. Many. Hits.

Episode 7: Follow Your Arrow - Call Your Girlfriend
It's a special listener mailbag edition of the podcast! Amina and I answer your questions about (in)appropriate office attire, female mansplainers, Shine Theory dilemmas, and more. Subscribe via iTunes if you haven't already.

Backlash Book Club: It's All in Your Mind - Matter
I chatted with the awesome Jamilah Lemieux and Heather Havrilesky about the self-help chapter of Susan Faludi's feminist classic, Backlash. Check out all of the Backlash Book Club here.

I'm reading:

Claire Vaye Watkins' fantastic short story collection Battleborn. Between the world and Ferguson. The front lines, far from white Ferguson. The girl who pitches hope and the NBA's new union leader. Lifetime is peddling "strong black woman" stereotypes. "Her exotic mashed-potato skin." Is Bustle successful? Pandora is doing it right. Dressing for success. Why aren't women advancing at work? Ask a transgender person. I can't wait to watch Transparent. On not writing. The internet is awful. Hit reset. A story about technology and fertility. Lucinda Williams forever. Murakami forever. Aisha Muharrar is pretty great, too. Camden's last rockstar. The VMAs and the teen culture stock market. Is there a better way to gentrify a neighborhood? Growing up on a commune. The Integratron! An epic tale of blue whales and human longing. Science agrees with me that short men are great. Poor Billy Bob, but at least he's not Jason Mraz


A saucy interview with Lauren Bacall. People who take astrology super seriously. The Great British Bake Off (I'm on Team Martha).


Christine McVie and Stevie Nicks seem to have a really genuine affection for each other. McVie told me that someday she wants to write a song for Stevie. And even back in the '70s, she was sick of people asking whether she felt competitive with the "other girl in the band." They each do their own thing and respect each other for it. So correct.


Um did you guys hear Prince and Sheila E are engaged? MIND BLOWN.

I endorse:

My summer in London has come to an end. I whole-heartedly recommend the following regional treats:

1. Ballymaloe Tomato Relish. While I remain fundamentally committed to Sriracha, this has become a go-to on grilled cheese sandwiches and eggy brunches.
2. Hobnobs. The official digestive biscuit of The Ann Friedman Weekly.
3. Clipper teas. Pair well with the aforementioned biscuits.

If this were the Oprah show, you would all reach under your seats right now and find free tomato relish and tea and nobbly biscuits. Alas, this is only an email newsletter. 

Live! In person:

September 29: Aggregate Conference, Louisville, KY
October 14 & 18: LitQuake, San Francisco, CA
... and SXSW Interactive 2015, but only if you vote for my panel.


"dude where's my @annfriedman newsletter? i need my fix!" -Angela M.B. I was on vacation! Last week was only the third time since starting this newsletter in March 2013 that I've skipped a week.

"WHERE IS MY @ANNFRIEDMAN???? #ragemonster" -Amanda. Dude. You're being very undude.

"With no newsletter or tweeting yesterday I was honestly getting worried about @annfriedman but it's cool guys she's on vacation. Snack on." -Lizzie Gordon. I think "Snack on." is going to be my new email sign-off.

"Love that all the smart ladies in my life are checking to make sure I subscribe to @annfriedman's newsletter. That's why we're besties!" -Kaitlyn Rosenburg. Good lookin' out, smart ladies!

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