May 01, 2015

You're never too old

This week:

Why younger women envy older women—not the other way around.

I'm reading:

Eighty years of Fergusons, and what makes Baltimore different. Praying for peace; living another reality. America's market for kidnapped migrant children, where "fear of the police can loom as large as fear of captors." Young and adrift in New Orleans. The complicated history of the rubella vaccine, a Frida Kahlo lithograph, and bombing the skies to make it rain. The feds burst in on Silk Road's customer service rep "covered in cocaine and flanked by two chihuahuas." The Rust Belt transhumanists who experiment on themselves. The Hubble's comeback. When women review men. Laverne Cox on baring (and bearing) it all. Trans stories are ghost stories. What it's like to be called a female musician when your gender is actually pretty fluid. A crowdsourced dictionary of emoji meanings. What happens when you get thousands of Twitter followers you didn't earn. Hotel tipping etiquette. Stop conflating "young" with "emerging." Dad bod.


The people of Baltimore. Farah Goes Bang. This Week in Feelings. L.A. jazz by Kamasi Washington.


Ok but seriously, is there anything you're ever really too old for? I'm comfortable telling you that I still indulge in many things I'm supposed to have aged out of, including but not limited to: Crop tops, professional insecurity, grilled cheese sandwiches, the occasional temper tantrum, having a "favorite cup," whining about chores, binge drinking.

I endorse:

Hey, it's May Day. You know the radical history of May 1, right? (I grew up blissfully unaware, making May Day baskets). On this day in 1886, more than 200,000 workers across the United States walked off their jobs in a protest that eventually led to the 8-hour workday. By now, the 40-hour work week is no longer the norm for anyone. Most full-time employed Americans work more than that (7 hours more, actually), while low-wage workers wish they got 40 hours from a single employer. In every state in America, minimum-wage workers need to clock more than 70 hours per week in order to make rent. And they're older than you think.

It's a good day to check out Fight for $15.


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"Feminist self-care, if self-care was a verbal stiff drink that reminds you to be fierce, dammit." -Tanya Tarr. Maybe this newsletter should actually include a stiff drink recipe every week?

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