October 10, 2014

You're simply irresistible

How the Pill Found a Place in Millions of Women's Purses - The New Republic
The history of birth control is fascinating. And, in some ways, disturbing.

Should all journalists be on Twitter? - Columbia Journalism Review
I can't believe we're still talking about this.

Episode 10: Strings Attached - Call Your Girlfriend
Tampon strings, that is. It's the latest episode of our fortnightly podcast, which The Independent just called "smart and charismatic"!

I also talked with Thomas Page McBee about his new memoir. And Fortune named me one of the 55 most influential women on Twitter.

I'm reading: 

How social media failed women, who have to just resign themselves to being stalked online for over a decade. Or having the government impersonate them on Facebook. Big Data as an ideology, and the artist as a robot. Can we just rename celeb activism "DiCaptivism"Shonda Rhimes is over it. Tinashe and Jason Molina and the Lordes of country musicThe real lives of Chinese restaurant workers and jingle writers and debt collectors and dominatrixes. "We're weeding out the stoners." The forgotten megafauna. The real villain in Gone Girl. Can't stop won't stop oversharing. The navel-gazer's guide to the galaxy. The FBI burglar who spent decades in hiding. Among the glassy-eyed Galts at an Objectivist Conference. What if we opted out of food? Dude-bros in space. Lady-pilots, not afraid to die. All of this wearable tech looks like bad craft-fair jewelry. Whiteness is so hot right now! Especially on panels. The price of black ambitionThe truth about global Muslim opinions. No country for young men. 43 Mexican students were probably assassinated. Domestic violence is a public issue. "The man with candy in a van of feminist discourse." Good guys and cool girls. Guys explain why they date women who are ghosts. Getting roofied is surprisingly common. How Latinos are saving Iowa. The mysterious disappearance of the great Midwestern brewer. Saying is believing, asking is flattering, and choosing is a privilege. What's the passwordHigh school doesn't matter. Homework doesn't work. Dads gonna dad.


bell hooks in conversation with Laverne Cox. Kindness. Caribou. A doc about pot prohibition. What queer pregnancy looks like. 


When you read something and you're like, YES. CORRECT. THANK YOU.

I endorse:

The California Sunday Magazine
, a brand-new publication that's full of the west-coast-centric narrative journalism the Golden State deserves. Check out the first issue and read its origin story. And of course you'll want to get a subscription.

Live! In person:

Oct 14: RADAR Reading Series at LitQuake, San Francisco
Oct 18: Afar Magazine Spins the Globe at LitQuake, San Francisco
Nov 1: California Prose Directory reading to benefit 826LA, Los Angeles


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