March 20, 2015

You're so cold

Hi from New York City. How can it still be so cold? I haven't removed my adult-lady security blanket in days.

This week:

Can podcasts make serious money? I put that question to a lot of smart people. USA Today interviewed me about workplace sexism. And I met many fabulous people at The Baffler's issue release party, where I read from my essay about women and clothes (sorry, I got the link wrong in last week's newsletter), defended dressing for pleasure, and confessed that I wear Thelma & Louise jeans.

I'm reading:

The state-level push for abortion rights. How Kotex courted tweens. The East India Company: original corporate raiders. Comcast: totally Machiavellian. The lives of Livestreamers. Stop saying equality is good for business. Maybe we need to discuss #RacismTogether. Two women of color talk about Broad City. Azealia Banks! Claudia Rankine! Drake and the problem with aging rappers. When men want kids and women are like, "meh." The wives and widows of ISIS. Prison-to-table. The politics of autocomplete. How to get more women to become Uber drivers. Love through Google Translate. Babymaking while queer. Mark Bittman discovers California produce (lol). Becoming yourself through drag. Snapchats from Alec Soth. Preserving the present moment, forever. How advertisers value your time. Don't fear the bidetLeave a margin.


Our deepest fears about our future fashion. Nihilism. A playlist of women singing about women. Downtown New York's go-to voice coach. Preteen girls shred "Enter Sandman."


When I describe my life in California to friends in New York.

I endorse:

Having It Some, a tumblr where you can learn about the (mostly terrible) maternity and family leave policies at various American employers, and submit to add to the database. 

I also endorse having some bagels. [Homer Simpson voice] Mmmmm, bagels.

Live! In person:

--> New thing! March 26, New York: I'll be at the Columbia Journalism School talking about doing digital journalism as a freelancer. It's free, and anyone can come.

March 28, Los Angeles: I'll be at BinderCon. My table at the networking lunch is full, alas, but I'll probably be kicking around the conference during the afternoon. Say hi.

April 18, Los Angeles: I'm moderating an all-star panel (featuring Mallory Ortberg, Issa Rae, and Pamela Ribon!) at the LA Times Festival of Books. Come fangirl with me.

Fill in the blanks:

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