August 21, 2015

You're so well-preserved.

This week:

We are living in a post-delete world. Accept it. Now let me tell you about my favorite loungewear and many of the women I love. Also! Speaking of women I love, The Gentlewoman magazine, to which I am a contributing editor, has updated its digital archive of in-depth interviews with fabulous, inspirational ladies. You can now find the full text of my odes to Robyn and Ava DuVernay online.

I'm reading:

Yeah, I really liked that Stephen Colbert profile, too. (Naturally.)  A brief history of new technology inciting moral panic about women. New software helps companies plan for family leave. Oddly specific fears for your child's future. Inside the world's biggest pet store. Freeway 101 revisited. One resourceful woman built a dating site just for herself; another sought scientific help. The women behind The SkimmFierce hummingbirds and neutered rock stars. The deceptive art of sound in movies. A shady art school and cruel summer "compliments." No one has ever said white lives don't matter. How black reporters keep goingThe radicalization of Joan Didion. What does "self care" really mean? A few powerful stories of women looking out for each other. Kate Harding explains how to end rape culture. The real Lolita. A trans woman in exile. No one has a solid count of how many trans people have been murdered this year. "I idly brainstormed a new protocol to follow if I were stopped by police." What's missing from Straight Outta ComptonWriting profiles is embarrassing, but not as embarrassing as "breakfast hacks."

Pie chart:

The 19th Amendment Pie. Because I'm sure the suffragists would have wanted future generations to mark the 95th anniversary of women getting the vote with jokes about denim and thinkpieces. (More pie here.)


A TV channel guide from the future. L.A. dreamscapes. An agender fashion website. Stylish women of a certain age. Like totally whatever. How to make a living doing creative work in 2015.


lol, keep trying.

I endorse:

Following along with Raquel Welch's space dance moves is my new home-exercise routine. (Transition to her cape-strut is my cool-down.) Cannot be unseen.


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"I can't get enough of your newsletter." -Stefano Blanca. Sing it with me: Can't get enough of your links, baby.

"‘AFWKLY. Awesome on Friday. Amazing on Monday." -Julia Crane. Now considering getting personalized plates for my car that say AFWKLY.

"Feeling v. ahead of the online curve when I've already read a couple of the articles linked in @annfriedman's weekly newsletter." -Amanda Kray. I'm going to let you in on a little secret: There are actually lots of online curves. 

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