September 26, 2014

You should know better

The Importance of Friendship Diversity -
Should white people actively try to make more friends who aren't white? And if so, how?

Episode 9: Body Talk - Call Your Girlfriend
On the podcast this week, Amina and I discuss baby ambivalence, fake body-positive anthems, the phenomenal Shonda Rhimes, and getting down when you're on your period.

I do mind the gap. -
A short missive on why tallying race, gender, and other sorts of gaps is actually pretty important. Plus, a very sparkly video.

I'm reading:

When no gender fits. The Central Sadness. "I still hadn't said, 'Never.'" Against sharing. Married people love Tinder. Airbnb is great for Airbnb. "twitter seems to like, swallow me, at times." A dispatch from Full Figured Fashion Week. The revolution against campus sexual assault. Why it takes a crisis to get women into leadership. The dowager duchess who loved fine poultry. How some Republicans came around on over-the-counter birth control. The case for delayed adulthood. Still obsessed with Anastasia Krupnik. Realtalk about nonprofit salaries. A reader's right to privacy. The future of feminism is not up to white women. Some manager-jerk brushing your butt is not "how it is." Kashmir under water. Ruth Bader Ginsburg once rode an elephant with Antonin Scalia. Abortion's racial gap. The real history of Liberia. A troubled vet at the White House. Pulp Fiction and the dawn of the curated soundtrack. Talking to Shonda Rhimes about her job. David Samuels on Justin TimberlakeMontgomery Clift's life in the closet. Dying is scary, but death is surely no worse than the New York City subway. Breadmaking 101. Scenes from the new American dustbowl. I want my own island. How to win any argument. "WHOAAAA-OH-oh-oh-oh-oh."


Arthur Russell playing the cello. A history of the amen break. Advice from Lena Dunham. My girl Nikki Darling tells you about her favorite art book (forward to the 7:40 mark). Men in sequined crop-tops forever.


It's Friday. Bye.

I endorse:

Transparent. The entire first season is available to stream on Amazon today, and you can watch the first episode for free. I've seen the first two episodes because I'm lucky enough to know several fantastic people who worked on this show (shoutout to Hilda & Jill & Ali!). I am admittedly biased, but I loved it. I covet all of Maura's caftans. Cannot wait to binge-watch.

Live! In person:

Monday! Aggregate Conference, Louisville, KY (You guys, I am so excited to visit Kentucky and drink all of the bourbon. Pray for my liver between now and next week's newsletter.)
Oct 14: Radar Reading Series at LitQuake, San Francisco, CA
Oct 18: Afar Magazine Spins the Globe at LitQuake, San Francisco, CA


"It's Friday and I know @annfriedman's newsletter is only a few short hours away. So I think it's all gonna be ok." -Jessica Peterson. Maybe I should also include deep-breathing exercises?

"I wish @annfriedman's newsletter came out earlier so I could spend all week reading it instead of just all weekend." -Monica Carmean. Idea: You could save it til Monday and read it all week long. Requires serious self-control, though.

"After weeks of spam filter confusion, I'm finally getting @annfriedman's newsletter again. Fridays suck less." -Stewart Scott-Curran. Ugh, spam filters are the bane of this newsletter. Tell your friends that they're supposed to be receiving it every. single. week.

"Your newsletter + a cup of coffee = a perfect Sunday." -Shannon O'Donnell. I'm so honored to be a part of your chill time.
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