October 23, 2015

You used to call me on my

Tech update: This is the last newsletter you'll receive from me on TinyLetter. Next week, I'll be sending it with MailChimp-- which shouldn't change anything for you. But there's a chance it'll go to spam, which means you should keep an eye on all corners of your inbox next Friday.

This week:

I wrote an op-ed explaining why you're really so tempted to bash millennials, and now I'm getting emails from angry boomers around the country with @sbcglobal.net email addresses. Whee! I'm also on the fabulous She Does podcast.

I'm reading:

The life and death of an Amazon temp. Homeless and hacker-haunted suburbanites. Gay and fleeing Syria. Changing indie culture as a black girl. Why modern civil rights movements don't need institutions. The feminism of the Panthers. The realism of Chang-rae Lee. Why women chefs don't bend over to pick up a pot.  An uncomfortable conversation about meditation. Going to prison at age 60. The end of abortion access in red America. The lost history of gay adult adoption. Touring mansions with a Silicon Valley super-agent. Finding your deceased mother on Google Street View. The cocktail at the end of the universe. A childless night at a Kidz Bop concert. The poetry of K-POP. Getting to know Terry Gross. Flirting with memes and bullying with the internet. A defense of Drake's dance moves. George Saunders' timeline of his writing education. What hallucinogens have to do with witch trials. Crazy paisley. The comfort of the zombie apocalypseAll back, no future.


Sorry, Hotline Bling is on repeat. The Computer Show. A documentary about fangirls! An interview with the woman who created Jem.


"You should just be yourself" -Drake
"..." -Hillz

Also, next time someone asks you about GIF pronunciation, answer: "Hard Gs for hard Gs."

I endorse:

I know when that hotline bling, it can only mean one thing: NEW EMOJI.
Soon I'll be wondering how I managed to get by in the dark ages before we had a burrito, couch, or mansplaining emoji. I'm going to need all of my personal friends up update their iPhones stat. Because the block of cheese describes 70% of my feelings and plans. 

On an unrelated note, I also endorse the new This.cm! More about the site here. It's where I post my favorite read of each day. (Well, most days.)

Live! In person: 

Nov. 4, Los Angeles: I'm a guest speaker at Pivotal Labs' Product Mashup in Santa Monica. We're going to nerd out about process and iteration. Grab a ticket here.

Nov. 13, Los Angeles: I'm on a panel at the West Hollywood Design District's DIEM event about whether L.A. is cool. (lol. I can't believe we're talking about this?) It's at 10am.


"@annfriedman is my new #ladycrush and I get butterflies whenever her newsletter arrives." -Ashley Chang. The Drake gif is really going to send you over the edge. You're welcome / sorry.

"My fave Saturday morning reading material includes reading the latest @annfriedman newsletter. Always learn something new from her links." -Shenneth. My Saturday morning reading material is books because I'm so sick of the internet by Saturday. 

And thanks to Lenny Letter, newspapers have recently discovered that email newsletters are "a thing." This one is mentioned in the Washington Post and the Evening Standard.

This newsletter only calls you when it's Friday. 
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