March 07, 2014

You've got that 'it' factor.

The 31-Year-Old ‘It’ Girl: Lupita Nyong’o and Aging in Hollywood -

Proud I managed to not use the phrase “31 is the new 21.”

#Realtalk: The new dream job - Columbia Journalism Review

I’ve never once had Conde elevator envy.

Going Viral - Columbia Journalism Review (print)

They say humor doesn’t translate internationally. What about clickbait?

2.5 Minutes with Ann Friedman - The Riveter

Kind of like 7 minutes in heaven, only quicker and not closeted.


Next week marks the one-year anniversary of this newsletter! I’m thinking about sending handwritten thank-yous to my original 347 subscribers. (You know who you are.) How should the rest of us celebrate? Some sort of weird Google hangout party? Cake gifs? Reply with your suggestions.

I’m reading:

The Bright Continent, dispatches from Africa that are inspiring and fascinating, not guilt- or pity-inducing. How westerners—particularly American conservatives—see Putin. Men know nothing about menstruation. And even women don’t know about the “area behind your uterus called the cul-de-sac”?!?! IT HAPPENED TO ME. One time Amina went off the grid without telling me and I sent like six people to her apartment. Women don’t even pay themselves fairly. It’s pointless to hate Sheryl Sandberg. And Monsanto. “If Duke had given me the proper financial resources, I wouldn't have done porn.” Birth-control truthers. A primer on doxing. Frat dudes, the dude behind bitcoin, and the dudes (yes, all dudes) behind HBO dramas. How Nate Silver hires. Men of all races harass women on the street. Normcore is bullshit. Jared Leto’s transgender advisor speaks out. Ta-Nehisi Coates on Hollywood’s politics of respectability. A conversation about Lupita Nyong’o and black beauty on screen. Carefree white girls! Louis CK and the n-word. Gangs of Disneyland. Buddhist one-percenters. Redlining for the 21st century. Dick Cheney’s artificial heart of darkness. Deep-sea body armor. Inside a gay prison in Cameroon. Billionaires are buying up old media, but not alt weeklies. What happens when readers choose front-page news. Against writers’ residencies on trains. The pleasure of postcards. Eavesdropping Uber drivers. Ask Martha anything. How to pronounce “croissant” in America.


Drunk in Emoji on repeat. Eartha Kitt. My friend Hilda talks about her rebellious teenage years. Sun Ra. EMA. 1983 live performances of RuPaul’s new-wave band. An interview with Barbara Kruger. Goldbluuuuuuuum!



I am always mesmerized by Future Islands, but this gif is taking my obsession to a new level.

I endorse:


NailSnaps, my friend Angel’s kickstarter project that would let you turn any photo into nail art. Ideal for ‘it’ girls everywhere. Just wait til you see my “clever girl” Jurassic Park nails.


"Got an email from @annfriedman and forgot I was on her list and for a second thought we were BFFs” -Christine Grimaldi. I mean, we’re not dead yet. We could still end up besties.

“Felt antsy waiting for the @annfriedman weekly today, I'm hooked.” -Jesse Wiza, whose Twitter handle is “Relevant Millennial,” making her endorsement a one-woman NYT trend story.

“livetweeting the @annfriedman weekly” -Will Butler. Get that shit on Storify, stat.

“bread with nutella, tea and @annfriedman's awesome newsletter = perfect saturday afternoon” -Claudia Rauch. Don’t wanna tell you how to live your life, but if you feel like upgrading, someone recently told me about homemade nutella and it blew my mind.

“Not sure why Chicago Midway has this sign pointing to @annfriedman's LA apartment, but, useful.” -Channing Kennedy. Yes, this is a testimonial.

**Also top design bro Dylan C. Lathrop made all my 90s normcore dreams come true.

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