April 04, 2016

The Asymmetric Gazette, Issue #1

Welcome to Asymmetric's inaugural newsletter!

You might have heard a bit about this elsewhere, but we're working on a new game!  It's called West of Loathing, and it's an adventure RPG set in the Wild West of the Loathing universe.  It's a single-player, animated, bean-fueled walkin'-around version of the KoL world that you know and love.  It'll be available on Windows, Mac, and Linux (probably via Steam), and also iOS (tablets, at least).  Here's a screenshot to give you a sense of how it'll look:
You can get a little bit of the flavor (it's mostly a bean flavor) of West of Loathing in the current KoL Challenge Path, where you can play as one of the character classes from WoL — Cow Punchers, Beanslingers, and Snake Oilers.

To make West of Loathing, we're working with an awesome programmer named Victor Thompson.  Victor recently created a cool alternative-control-scheme project called Please Stand By that was featured at the 2016 Game Developers Conference.  It's an old TV set whose knobs and switches and antennae are the controllers for a confounding puzzle game.

Besides working on various Loathings, Zack, Kevin, and Wes (aka Wes of Loathing, the animator for West of Loathing) are organizing ZapCon, an arcade and pinball convention in Mesa, AZ on April 16th and 17th.  If you live in the area, you should come by! There'll be hundreds of arcade cabinets and pinball machines set to free play mode.  It's a lot of fun.

Zack, Riff, and Kevin also have a general-interest video games podcast called Video Games Hot Dog with co-host Jim "Frog Fractions" Crawford.  We have close to five years worth of shows at this point, which you can find in our archive.  We just launched a Patreon so folks can support our efforts to make jokes about video games every week.

Thanks for reading!  If you haven't already, consider checking out KoL's April Item-of-the-Month, the Clan Floundry.  We finally did it — a fishing minigame in KoL (not really).