May 18, 2016

The Asymmetric Gazette, Issue #2

Today we released a sweet teaser trailer for West of Loathing, and launched a Greenlight campaign to get WoL on Steam. If you have a Steam account (or are willing to make one), we'd appreciate a Yes vote to help us get the game on that platform. It'll help a lot to have that out of the way so that we can use Steam for beta testing when the time comes, and then eventually sell the game there.

Oh, also: West of Loathing was chosen as a finalist in the Seattle Indie Game Competition, and we'll be demoing the game at their Power of Play conference this weekend.  Maybe stop by if you're in the area?

Speaking of game conventions, ZapCon went really well this year, with over 300 games and 2000 attendees.  Our new giant NES controller was a big hit, and we're tentatively planning on bringing two of those to IndieCade in LA in October!

While we were in Arizona for ZapCon, we finally transitioned KoL's servers to the butt cloud.  It was sad (but kind of fun) to unplug all those cables after a decade, but it is awesome to be able to spin up new webserver instances in seconds when usage spikes (and it looks like it's going to end up being cheaper than having dedicated servers?  Who knew!).

Kingdom of Loathing's summer Challenge Path, The Source, started this week.  Are you brave enough to take the red pill? Or if you'd rather watch someone play a video game, maybe you should consider checking out Riff's YouTube video series, where he posts one video a day detailing his deaths in Dark Souls 2.
May's Item-of-the-Month is the Intergnat, which generated the "meme" above all by itself. Yes, we're parodying the internet in its entirety. Not sure if proud, or just indigestion.

Thanks for reading!