July 01, 2016

The Asymmetric Gazette, Issue #3

Hello, Loathers!

It's been a busy few weeks! Thanks to the commendable and much-appreciated efforts of everyone who voted for our Greenlight campaign on Steam, we were approved in just 9 days! This means that we are now free to sell West of Loathing on Steam, just as soon as we're done... making... West of Loathing.

In addition to securing us a glorious and bountiful place at the bosom of Gabe Newell, the Greenlight campaign resulted in some attention from the games press. You can check out some of the nice articles here and here and here, and a twenty-minute animated interview where we go into some details about WoL here.

We've been showing WoL in several different cities throughout May and June: Power of Play in Seattle, the Homebrew Arcade in San Jose, the IGDA Indie Game Demo Night in Mesa, and PIGSquad's "Drink N Draw" event in Portland. In addition to helping get the word out, these events have been a great way for us to get feedback from players. We're learning so much! For instance: 9 out of 10 playtesters prefer games that do NOT immediately and inexplicably crash when you enter into combat with a skeleton. Now we get to spend some time making adjustments (and skeleton-related bugfixes) before our next round of public demos.

In non-WoL news, Merriam-Webster (you know, the dictionary people?) bought some of Kevin's word puzzles from us, and the first batch can be seen here. If you want even more puzzle action, you need look no further than the Kingdom of Loathing — June's Source Terminal Item-of-the-Month (available for one final day!) conceals untold petabytes of cyber-secrets, and July's Detective School Application offers up unlimited mysteries for the would-be detectives among your ranks.

Thanks for reading!