October 04, 2016

The Asymmetric Gazette, Issue #5

Hey gang!

We're happy to announce that West of Loathing was chosen as a rootin', tootin' Digital Select at IndieCade, a festival of independent games being held at USC on October 14th-16th, 2016. There were over 1,000 entries this year, so we're particularly proud of being included. If you're in the area, consider coming by and checking out WoL and all the other great games!  But mostly WoL.

Last month we showed West of Loathing at PAX in Seattle and Fantastic Arcade in Austin. Thanks to all the folks who came out and played the demo!  We appreciate all the feedback and enthusiasm you've been providing. We also got a chance to show the game to a bunch of press, and you can check out some of the stories here, here, here, and here.

Zack gave a couple of talks last month as well. At Fantastic Arcade he nervously improvised at length about the tools and creative process behind KoL and WoL, and at a conference called the Roguelike Celebration he spoke about procedural joke generation. (Check them out online at those links above!) And don't miss the slide featuring America's sweetheart Paul Blart.

Zack and Kevin also recently did an awkward, totally preparation-free hangout on Twitch.tv, during which they answered some KoL questions from fans and showed some West of Loathing gameplay and development process stuff.

If you're seeking more regular information than these infrequent emails, check out our Facebook and Twitter pages. And if you want to hang out with other like-minded Loathers in Ohio, the 12th fan-organized KoLumbus is happening November 3rd-7th. KoLumbus is always a great time, and there's no reason to believe the 12th time won't be just as charming as the first 11.
Over in the Kingdom of Loathing, it's gearing up to be a great Spookloween. October's Item-of-the-Month is the Trick-or-Treating Tot, a candy-crazed youngster that has a wide variety of special powers derived from outfits you collect for her. You might describe it as a situation where you go on Quests to find Costumes.

Thanks for reading!