March 01, 2017

The Asymmetric Gazette, Issue #7


Our big news this month is that we'll be showing West of Loathing at PAX East as part of the Indie Megabooth! Please come by, say hi, play the demo, and get a sweet button if you're going to be there. If all goes well we'll have eight demo stations set up, so lots of folks should get a chance to play.
On Monday we demoed WoL for press and games industry folks at The MIX at GDC. People seemed to really dig it, which is great — as we enter the final stretch of development on West of Loathing we want to keep gathering feedback and getting people psyched about the game. So far, so good!

This month we thought you might like an introduction to some of the lesser-known members of the Asymmetric team: (clockwise from the upper left) Luke, Stinky, Ferdinand, Cookie & Penny, and that handsome fellow in the middle, Phineas:

In late April, many of the Asymmetric folks will taking a few days to put on the fifth annual ZapCon Classic Arcade and Pinball convention in Mesa, AZ. If you live in the area, consider coming by and playing a bunch of games! Tickets should go on sale later this week.

Over in the Kingdom of Loathing, the newest Challenge Path is well underway — you too can become an amorphous blob in the Gelatinous Noob avatar path! March's Item of the Month is a spunky robot bartender who makes you WAY too many drinks, and the fine folks at Topatoco asked me to remind y'all that they are still selling KoL stickers, shirts, buttons, and glassware for your adhesive, torso, lapel, and beverage pleasure.
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