January 22, 2017

HEWN, No. 197

It’s bad. Real bad. I mean, I do feel heartened by the crowds in the streets today protesting the inauguration of Trump. But we need to be organized; we need to resist; we need to be ready when things get worse. Trump has promised they will.

My boyfriend and I decided to take a road trip this week, hoping to avoid the Internet, the inauguration, the gaslighting. We drove along the border between the US and Mexico taking photos, being hassled by cops, and confirming my suspicions that much of Arizona is pretty awful. (Sorry, Arizona readers. I’m sure you’re wonderful.)

Meanwhile, the Internet did its thing… “The Week in Robots.” Sarah Frier on the team that runs Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook page. “The Miseducation of Dylan Roof” by the SPLC. “On ‘Fake News’” by Marcy Wheeler. “All I Know Is What’s on the Internet” by Rolin Moe. (Seriously. Read Rolin's article.)

On fiction and fascism: “Philip K. Dick’s Vision for Resisting Fascism in America” by Aaron Bady. Bruce Sterling on SF and fascism.

On Trump (and fascism): “Notorious Mercenary Erik Prince Is Advising Trump From the Shadows,” Jeremy Scahill reports. “Are You Not Alarmed?” asks Charles M. Blow. “John Lewis, Donald Trump, and the Meaning of Legitimacy” by David Remnick. “Trump: A Resister’s Guide” by Corey Robin.

Yours in struggle,