December 30, 2016

1 Year of Stitches: A comprehensive guide in one handy email!


Happy (almost) new year! I'm so excited that you're making 2017 your year of embroidery. Since January 1st is quickly approaching, I wanted to over a few things with you. Many people have emailed me about wanting to join in the project or filled out my survey—thank you! The response has been overwhelming (at the time of writing, there are over 1200 participants and growing), and I haven't had time to email everyone personally. Hopefully, this email will answer any questions you may have. 

- Sara


Guidelines for 1 Year of Stitches

Here are the rules of the project:
  1. Make at least one stitch every day. (If you can’t do this, it's okay. At least take a picture of it that day)
  2. Take a picture that shows your project. Don’t get discouraged if progress looks slow (or not at all).
  3. Date your picture and write a sentence (or a few words) about the embroidery or your day.
  4. Share online—through social media or a blog. On Instagram, tag it with: #1yearofstitches and @1yearofstitches
You are welcome to sew on any type of fabric, any size, and with as many or as few stitches as you like. I won't be suggesting a stitch per day, but there are plenty of awesome resources if you're wanting to flex your stitch muscles.

If you want to focus your embroidery on the satin stitch and French knot, that's totally cool. Or maybe you want to fill your hoop with a bevy of elaborate approaches. That's great, too! This is very self-directed, but I encourage you to turn to the Facebook community for support if you're stuck. I'm blown away by the talent and kindness of the folks in it—they've surely got great suggestions for whatever question you might have. 

And some days, if you can't make a stitch, that's okay. Just snap a photo anyways. 

On Facebook? Join the 1 Year of Stitches: 2017 group!

If you're on Facebook, I've created a group for those participating in the project. It's optional to join, but has already become a vibrant community of embroidery-loving folks from around the globe. 

Here's the link to the 1 Year of Stitches: 2017 group. It is a closed group, so you'll have to ask to join. But I'll approve you ASAP. 

>> Sharing your progress in the Facebook group:

Once the project begins, there will be weekly albums to upload your progress. Because it's overwhelming to upload a photo every day to the Facebook group (though I encourage you to do it on your personal page, Instagram, blog, etc.), once a week will give you the opportunity to show what you've done recently. We'll share every Sunday! The first time will be on January 7th.

The first weekly album will be for work completed from January 1st - January 7th (Sunday), and you'll then share on the 7th.  If you started prior to January 1st, feel free to upload your progress, too! All are welcome. The second weekly album will be January 8th - January 14th, and so on. In the end, there will be 52 albums. Remember, share on Sunday!

Instagrammers, I haven't forgotten about you!

I love Instagram—it's where I'll post my daily progress. Just remember to use #1yearofstitches and tag @1yearofstitches in your post so we can all see what the others are doing!

Embroidery resources

The Facebook group is full of great ideas—a wise soul began a list of embroidery resources. Here it is in a Google spreadsheet (anyone with the link can open and edit). If you've got an online shop or tutorial recommendation, write it here. And if you're in need suggestions, check out this list!

You've made it to the end!

I think that about covers all you'll need to know before 1 Year of Stitches starts on January 1st. Remember: If you've got any questions, please let me know! So excited for January 1st, ya'll!