May 03, 2017


Hello, hello, hello!

I am emailing you today from George Mann's study. I'm here with Mr Mann planning a secret something that will hopefully be revealed soon, but as the sign says...

He'll probably shout at me in a minute as I'm supposed to be plotting, so I better dive straight into this week's newsletter. Here's what's coming up.
  • TEKKEN - Andie Tong's sketches for issue one
  • Star Wars Adventures in Wild Space: The Rescue
So, not the biggest contents list, but let's crack on...


This is the big news of the week. Issue one of TEKKEN is out now from Titan Comics, featuring a script from yours truly and art by Andie Tong. 

I've popped a preview of the issue on my website, which you can head over and read here. 

Andie and I were also interviewed by Newsarama at the weekend, giving the low-down on the mini-series and our hopes for TEKKEN moving on. 

As a special treat for you, my lovely Cavletter subscribers, I thought I'd share some of Andie's amazing sketches he did in preparation for issue 1.

First up, we have his initial sketches for some of our main fighters in the mini-series. From the left, there's Nina, Paul, Xiaoyu and, of course, Panda. This early sketch also included Andie's first run at G Corporation soldiers.
Next, Andie worked up the G Corporation foot soldiers in more detail, focusing on their weaponry and armour...

As we worked through the issue, the sketches kept coming, including vehicles...
... and locations...
And those were just the warm-up sketches. The finished art in the issue is just wonderful. And wait until you see issue 2!

I'm just about to start writing issue 4, which wraps up this first arc, and I hope there will be more to come. Fingers crossed. 

If you're in Bristol this weekend, I'll be signing issue 1 at Forbidden Planet on Saturday at 1pm. Come and say hi. You can also pre-order signed copies, if you get in quick! It's Free Comic Book Day, so you could pick up some freebies (but not TEKKEN #1! You'll have to hand over your hard-earned cash for that!)


I had great fun at the Chipping Norton Literary Festival last Sunday, larking around on stage with my fellow Star Wars: Adventures in Wild Space author, Tom Huddleston. Tom's next novel in the series is out tomorrow (May the 4th, naturally!) 

Here's the cover of The Rescue by David M. Busian, featuring the wonderful Peter Cushing as Governor Tarkin. I asked Tom to give you a little insight into the origin of the story to whet your appetite and this is what he said:

“I knew this was going to be the last book in the current series, so I wanted it to have a more epic feel than the others I'd written. I also knew Tarkin was going to be the main baddie, and I wanted the book to live up to his villainous magnificence!
I've always loved 1960s and 70s psychedelic art, the kind you find on concert posters and prog rock album covers, so that fed into the book as well. The world of Agaris is unlike anything you've seen in Star Wars before, and that's really exciting.”

The Rescue is a suitably epic conclusion to the arc that began with The Escape on World Book Day last year. I can’t believe we’ve reached this point already. I’ve loved being part of Star Wars, and am pleased that it’s only the beginning, with my next jaunt into a Galaxy Far, Far Away coming in Star Wars: From A Certain Point Of Viewlater in the year.
In the meantime, go and track down Star Wars Adventures in Wild Space – The Rescue by Tom. It’s ace.
Right, George is shouting at me to get working, so I better go. I’ll be back soon with your favourite Doctor Who books as shared on my Twitter and Facebook pages, as well as the winner of the signed copy of Doctor Who: The Shining Man. (Talking of which, do you want more giveaways on the newsletter? I’m thinking of giving away a special signed something every month. What do you think? Would you guys like that?)
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I hope you enjoy TEKKEN #1! Let me know what you think!
Take Care,
Grantham, 3rd May 2017