April 13, 2017

The Cavletter: LEGO, Super Heroes and more LEGO.

Hello again! How are you all? Gorged yourself silly on Easter chocolate yet? I'm on one egg a week, which isn't too bad. Probably.

I'm in the middle of a little break at the moment. Not going away, but relaxing with the family, which has been a much needed rest that included this:

More on that later. Here's what's coming up in this Cavletter:
  • LEGO DC Super Heroes: The Awesome Guide
  • Art of the Brick: DC Super Heroes
  • Upcoming Events
  • Stuff I've been loving recently

Just as I sent my last newsletter (available in the archive if you missed it) a new book was announced. I had a blast writing LEGO DC Super Heroes: The Awesome Guide, which is packed full of facts and silliness. It's out 2 May and comes with an exclusive Wonder Woman minifig, which my daughters are very excited about. 

To celebrate the announcement, DK interviewed me about comics, my dream collobarator and robot-sharks. You can read it here.

If you want to get an idea of what's in the book, here are some sneak peeks. It's obviously for younger readers, but, like all LEGO, if you're still young at heart I reckon you'll find something to enjoy!


In related news, we travelled to London's South Bank yesterday to visit Art of the Brick: DC Super Hero, an incredible exhibition of LEGO art by artist Nathan Sawaya. If you've not been yet, I can definitely recommend it. 

I thought I'd share some of my snaps to give you a taster. There were stunning recreations of classic covers, such as the iconic Action Comics #1:
Sculptures that make you believe a man can fly:
Macabre skulls:
More abstract pieces:
And cool rides:
Here are some of my favourite pieces. I love this melancholy Bizarro statue:
And this Roy Litchenstein-inspired Diana Prince:
Not to mention this brilliant recreation of Detective Comics #27:
Just look at the detail in this Bat Insignia. All those little bats...
And what's not to love about Aquaman in a bath?
Art of the Brick: DC Super Heroes is on the South Bank until 3 September. Go see it. 


I've a few upcoming events (as promoted on my cunningly titled Upcoming Events page).

22 April - I'm signing Doctor Who: The Signing Man with fellow Doctor Who authors Jonathan Morris and Mike Tucker at Forbidden Planet Bristol. I'll be doing some local promo before the event, appearing on Radio Bristol this coming Saturday morning between 10-11am, and local TV channel Made in Bristol on Thursday 20th April between 8-9pm to discuss the book. 

30 April - Tom Huddleston and I will be taking our Star Wars Reads event to the Chipping Norton Literary Festival. Tickets are still available. 

6 May - I'll be back at Forbidden Planet Bristol signing TEKKEN issue 1! Even if you can't make the event, you can pre-order signed copies online.

  • iZombie is back! You have no idea how happy this makes me. I love this show. It's perfectly filled the Legion-shaped gap in my life. 
  • I've binged the last two box-sets of Big Finish's War Doctor audios this week. The late, great John Hurt was, naturally, note-perfect as the Doctor-who-isn't-the-Doctor, ably assisted by the wonderful Jacqueline Pierce as the most caustic Time Lord in Gallifreyan history. All the more poignant as we won't hear Mr Hurt in the role again, I can't recommend these plays enough. Check out the range here
  • My chum M.G. Leonard, author of Beetle Boy and its recent follow-up Beetle Queen, published this refreshingly frank podcast of what to expect when you first become a published author. It's well worth a listen whether you're on the cusp of being published or have been on the scene for a while.  
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That's all for now! Speak soon! Lots of exciting stuff coming up.

Oh, and enjoy the new series of Doctor Who.