Links I Would Gchat You if We Were Friends

"Links" is a weekly (formerly daily!) newsletter by Washington Post digital culture critic Caitlin Dewey. It rounds up the ~very best~ of the week's Internet chatter each Thursday.

"It's exactly what it sounds like: a couple dozen hand-picked links of the day's top online stories, curated by someone whose job it is to have her finger on the pulse of the Internet world at all times." -- WNYC's Note to Self

"Smarty pants doesn’t really begin to explain the intelligence and wit that pepper this daily dose." -- David Carr, The New York Times

"Dewey has managed to create an incredibly exhaustive daily newsletter to explain exactly what’s happening on the Web for those of us who don’t spend our days trolling 4chan and Reddit ... The newsletter’s tone is super conversational—it’s like she really is our friend." -- Greatist

"I unsubscribed, I didn't get it." -- My mother


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