December 10, 2014

Five filmmakers to watch (and follow) in Auckland, London, Los Angeles, Montreal, New York

Connection and Intelligence for Movie Makers Worldwide Nº1. 2014 December 10 Wednesday (GMT) —
  1. CONNECTION — Filmmakers to watch (and follow on Twitter) in Auckland, London, Los Angeles, Montreal, New York
  2. INTELLIGENCE — “These directors are getting sick of talking about themselves as ‘women directors’. …” A candid audio interview with three directors at the recent Stockholm Film Festival
  3. COMING SOON — Mai Zetterling actress director screenwriter author

Written in Los Angeles by Austin Burbridge for you — and your fellow  5,100+ filmmakers all over the world who follow Cinema Minima @cinemaminima on Twitter. You are the brilliant stars of cinema today — and tomorrow. You — visionary, ambitious, tenacious, intrepid women and men — are meeting today’s new and interesting challenges by reïnventing cinema and convoking new audiences. This an exciting moment to make movies, and to watch them. Movie makers, ladies and gentlemen, I salute you!

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1. Connection: Filmmakers to watch — and follow


London/ Angelo Calarco

Italian producer-director  Angelo Calarco @angelo_calarco, screenwriter  Nick Grills @nickgrills, and Production Manager Dylan "Deadline" Rees are crowdfunding CUPIDS: THE MOVIE @CupidsTheMovie. The Indiegogo campaign started in October and will close on December 14, 2014. As of this writing, the campaign has raised £4,100 of its modest £4,000 goal — bravo!

 Watch the pitch for CUPIDS: THE MOVIE.

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Detroit/ Los Angeles/ Mare Costello

 Truth Soup with Helen and Marvin is a genial, eight-minute sendup of local-TV daytime talk shows, by Los Angeles/Detroit actress-directrix  Mare Costello @MareCostello, and Los Angeles writer-performer  Ric Rosario @ricrosario.

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Canada/Quebec/Montreal/ Elza Kephart

Filmmaker  Elza Kephart @follow_mkf is the founder of Midnight Kingdom Films. Her first feature was the 2003 horror-farce, GRAVEYARD ALIVE: A Zombie Nurse in Love.

The heroic magnitude of Kephart's ambition can be estimated by considered the subject of her 2013 feature, GO IN THE WILDERNESS, which reïmagines the myth of Lilith, a woman whose creation — and relationship with Adam — was said to have preceded those of Eve in the Biblical account of the creation.

 Watch the trailer for GO IN THE WILDERNESS.

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New York/ Walter Krochmal, Executive Director, Bronx World Film

In 2011  actor Walter Krochmal @bronxfilmcat founded the not-for-profit Bronx World Film, which produces film events for underserved communities, and promotes local film production; paying particular attention to Central American culture.

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Manhattan/ 2014 December 13–14, 20–21/ The Bronx World Film Cycle

The fourth Bronx World Film Cycle will show thirty films from eighteen countries — with an exceptionally strong showing by women directors — including …

The festival will culminate in a Meet the Film Maker forum; with an after-party, and a closing awards ceremony. Suggested donation $10 per event.

▼ Download the The Bronx World Film Cycle Winter 2014 program in Portable Document Format (PDF).


New Zealand/Auckland/ Glen Real

Glen Real is Executive Producer at  Yukfoo Animation Studios @yukfooltd. He is the producer of an animated feature, SHIRLEY AND THE HUNGARY BEAR [sic] which has been funded through the New Zealand Film Commission; and a short, PREFERABLY BLUE. (Both movies were written by Wayne Ching.)

He is also involved in the New Zealand Trade and Enterprise TVC [Television Commercial] Collective and Digital Directory group, as well as a newly formed Animation Industry Group. These groups are actively involved in promoting the New Zealand screen production industry.

 Watch the first teaser of SHIRLEY AND THE HUNGARY BEAR.

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2. Intelligence  listen to this


“These directors are getting sick of talking about themselves as ‘women directors’ …”

The Director of the Stockholm Film Festival and three movie directors discuss the annoying pigeonhole of "woman director" in a  seven-minute audio interview (also available on iTunes). Note: The interview starts twenty-one minutes (21:20) after the start of the audio program; you may wish to skip ahead, past the first twenty minutes, which is a daily news bulletin first broadcast 2014 November 13 as part of Radio Sweden's English-language service.


The segment starts out as a routine press interview. After the reporter puts down her microphone (but does not stop recording), the filmmakers — still warming to the subject — feel free to express themselves ad libitum with more candor. Great stuff, thanks to the reporter's decision to tarry, and the wit to keep rolling.


3. Coming soon


Mai Zetterling actress director screenwriter author

She was already an international movie star when, in 1963, she moved behind the camera as a director and screenwriter; shortly thereafter she was acclaimed as a filmmaker of the first rank. Her films of the ’Sixties embody the era's rebellious, iconoclastic spirit. Her later films, whether documentaries or dramas, are as moving as they are provocative. Her prodigious talent and restless curiosity overflowed into short stories and novels. She followed it all up with an autobiography remarkable for its candor. … This, then, was Mai Zetterling. When comes such another?

 Watch the exciting trailer for her film, SCRUBBERS

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