March 27, 2017

Conducting A Spiritual Audit


By Deacon John Rangel, CMCS Co-Founder and Director of Mission

Since we're in the season of Lent and preparing for Easter, followed by our annual Men's Conference, a concentrated time to reflect on our relationship with God, I am including an article by Fred Smith entitled “Conducting a Spiritual Audit”. It’s a timely message for us men and indeed all men. God’s peace!  ~ Deacon John


Conducting a Spiritual Audit

(2Corinthians 13:5; Psalm 26:2)

1. Am I content with who I am becoming? Every day I get one day closer to who I will ultimately be. Am I satisfied with who this will be?

2. Am I becoming less religious and more spiritual? The Pharisees were religious; Christ is spiritual. Much tradition is religious, while relation in Christ is spiritual.

3. Does my family recognize the authenticity of my spirituality? They see me whole. I would like to believe—and must believe—that if I am growing spiritually, my family will recognize it.

4. Do I have a “flow-through” philosophy? Scripture says, “He that believes in me, out of his innermost parts will flow rivers of living water.” The freshness is in the flow. If I have been blessed with leadership, that blessing should flow out of my life.

5. Do I have a quiet center to my life? Every Christian should have a quiet center that nothing can disturb. “Peace is what God wants for you no matter what is happening.”

6. Have I defined my unique gifts? Do I know what I can do effectively? The need is always bigger than any person can satisfy, and so my call is simply to handle the part of the need that is mine to do.

7. Is my prayer life improving? I cannot evaluate when I am a “man of prayer” but I can perceive progress if I am making it. One test is: Do my decisions have prayer as an integral part?

8. Have I maintained a genuine awe of God? Awe inspires, it overwhelms, it intimidates my humanness, it inspires worship. Awe isn’t learned; it is realized.

9. Is my “spiritual feeding” the right diet for me? I’ve stopped calling my spiritual reading time “a devotion” but rather, “a feeding time,” for it is when my soul gets fed..

10. Is obedience in small matters built into my reflexes? Do I try to bargain with God or rationalize with him? Obedience largely determines my relation with Christ. He says I am his friend if I obey him. Therefore I must check my obedience. My good intentions count for little.

11. Do I have joy? Joy is promised to me. If the relationship with Christ is right, I will have it.

– Fred Smith, Leadership Journal


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